Thursday, October 8, 2015

Illegal Alien Francisco Medina: MIA in Huntington Park City Council Meeting

So, what difference does it make that a small group of angry citizens keep showing up in Huntington Park, and protest a rogue city council, bent on undermining the rule of law and insulting legal residents born and naturalized in the United States?

It's all about keeping up the pressure, not giving up the fight, and making bad politicians feel the pain, and sending the message loud and clear that sovereignty for every nation is preeminent, not to be diminished or put aside.

This is the fight which every American, born and naturalized, must take up.

We are either a nation of laws, or a nation of lawlessness, and with no enforcement, there is  no peace.

So, with law, comes legitimacy and enforcement.

As long as two illegal aliens sit on city commissions in Huntington Park, CA, then We the People will not rest.

More residents are rising up, speaking out against the corruption and fraud defining Huntington Park in its terrible, yet inescapable light. Business leaders, community activists, men and women throughout the city are fed up with city councils which spend money they do not have for friends and well-connected politicos.

People are getting angry, and they are doing something about it.

Francisco Medina: MIA in Huntington Park

At the October 6th, 2015 Huntington Park, CA city council meeting, the mayor overstepped her bounds, and threw out a senior citizen, who was merely exercising his First Amendment rights. Our legitimate provocation led to this inappropriate, illegal, and outright embarrassing reaction from the city council. The chief of police has been implicated in the nonsense and dysfunction, along with the corrupt city attorney and council members.

Another positive development emerged at the outset of the meeting, which very few accounted for until after the meeting:

The two illegal aliens were not present for the meeting

In fact, only one "appointed" commissions -- Francisco Medina, had initially showed up, stuck his head in, briefly sat down, but then scurried away. The two illegal alien "appointees" do not dare show their face in public anymore.

Those two individuals had hoped that their promotion into city service  would broaden the access and opportunities for the piece-meal amnesty and long-term pathway to citizenship agenda. Not only has this brazen illegality not achieved any demonstrable positive results, but the two illegals hoping to make happy headlines now do not dare show their faces in public.

As it should be.

The shameless breaking of this nation's federal law has not gone unnoticed, nor unpunished.

We the People - and We the People Rising - have refused to let the Huntington Park City Council get away with their wanton disregard for our nation's laws. They are already paying a heavy price for the immoral arrogance.

And we are already seeing results.

One of the illegals ran away from the city council chambers as soon as he realized that we are not going away.

The once proud and strutting illegal aliens, who posed for interviews on Telemundo, now refuse to show their faces in public.



  2. Great point! We are the defenders of our own rights as citizens.

    for several years this two have been working together MANIPULATING this poor community for their own benefit.
    MEDIA brings popularity and fame to politicians, and local politicians gives them free pass to do whatever they want in the city.
    Telemundo closed two blocks over the Pacific blvd for filming an event affecting local business, the city got pay but local business had to close their doors those days.
    chamber of commerce do not support local business, they just do not care.
    they work together (chamber/Telemundo/councils)making money with the fairs LOCAL BUSINESS AND PEOPLE CAN GET LOST.
    YES , THIS IS A MANIPULATED COMMUNITY+ poor education+low political involvement = MONEY FOR POLITICIANS AND MEDIA.

    1. Just awful! I have learned terrible things about the Chamber of Compromise. People get in touch with me if you have a chance.