Monday, October 12, 2015

HOA Member Edmundo Perez Silenced in Huntington Park

Edmundo Perez (on the left)

Not only did the Huntington Park City council throw out a senior citizen for exercising his freedom of speech, but the council also silened 90255 Homeowners Association member Edmundo Perez  at the October 6th, 2015 City Council meeting.

Instead of allowing him to speak, the city council claimed that he never turned in a card to request and audience with the city council.

That is a lie!

Here are the comments which Perez wanted to share with the city council:

It is common knowledge the financial situation being experienced by the city and is not the right time to apply momentary cures and an excuse to disposal  the few properties that the city still own and this is not the time to put a patch to which requires surgery, in our  administrative experience the city cries out for a bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a reorganization supported by a number of actions that have the power to undo laws that have become immorally legal mandates, in other words, the bankruptcy court is the only court proceeding contemplating the fairness of the applications that have been able to give to immoral laws. Is the court of equity.

This past week in conversation with an executive of this administration in reference to misappropriation of assets that have been carried out in this city for the past 45 years, his comment was; Yes, I agree that these actions are immoral, but are legal!

The city as a corporation, has the duty to get rid of the commitments created by the redevelopment agency, who have been immoral, corrupt and bleed until this moment the city revenues.

The bankruptcy is imminent to discharge these commitments created by elements with not conciseness, as they are the 13,000,000 million dollars of bonds issued in 2013 and 2014 and 300,000,000 issued since 1985 to this date.

 If the bankruptcy be filed voluntarily could not separate what is today the Successor agency or the agency nominated HP Public Finance Authority.

And if you try this, our organization will try to influence the trustee assigned to the case and if necessary initiate action as an Adversary Proceeding to do justice.

No one should be surprised that Mayor Macias did not want Perez to share these heightened financial concerns with the council and the community. The city is going bust, engaging in nepotism, pay-for-play, and rampant lawlessness. The city council will not appoint professionals to get the city's financials in order.

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