Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Comments to the Torrance Unified School Board - October 26th, 2015

Good Evening, Torrance school board president lee, attending audience members, community at large.

My name is Arthur Schaper, a resident of this city, a graduate of Torrance Schools: Torrance Elementary, Madrona Middle School, Torrance High.

I'm here to speak on two issues: the first is Common Core, The second is regarding the school board race.

Regarding Common Core, I've tried to be polite and subtle. I thought that would be the approach that would work, but it hasn't.

I tried that approach instead with the parents and the students in this community. They're not happy with Common Core. They're not happy with the dumbing down of literary and reading standards. They're not happy with the adjusted schedule that they have to take algebra by their freshman year only.

I would not have been able to take algebra if that had been the case. I took it my eighth grade year.

They're unhappy with the data mining. One parent told me they are very unhappy with the emphasis on Islam in the seventh grade curriculum.

A student, Danny Lim,  a student here in Torrance, complains about it, and wishes he could vote and put different people on this school board.

So, I wanted to go from there. There are two individuals on this board who are running for reelection. The first is Mrs. Ragins, and she promotes her endorsements from the unions. And I have said ti to her before. . .

At this point, School Board President Lee attempted to interrupt me, and told me that I could only talk about things on the agenda.

He was not successful.

Excuse me. It's says non-agenda items, and you are not going to interrupt me.

Thank you.

Being endorsed by a union is not an endorsement in general. I think that what parents think, and what teachers think is what counts. Not otherwise.

That's not an endorsement to me.

And the answers that I did not get from the union president, were very disturbing.

Furthermore, this mailer that I received from Don Lee, this is false and misleading. And his claim that he is the only officially endorsed Republican school board candidate, that is not the case. There is another gentleman who is endorsed by the Los Angeles Republican Party. We have to have mailers in this community that communicate the truth.

Not just in this case, but the T and U Bonds were presented on the premise that the aquatic center would be open to the public, the entire community. Then at the March 30th meeting, I was there and so was Janet Tajii, we were informed that would not be the case. It would just be for swim teams and competitive meets. That is not acceptable.

It is with great honor that I can speak to this board. . .if I could, I would hand out pink slips to each one of you for endorsing Common Core.

And no, Mr. Wermers, I'm not bored. I'm engaged.

It's unacceptable, Common Core. Our kids are not common. Students have complained about it. Parents have complained. I asked them. I wish you'd do the same. And with that, I'm glad I can say I endorse Clint Paulson and Rick Marshall for this school board race.

And even if they don't win,  everyone of you on this board is now on alert. I wish it didn't have to come to this, that we had to get people angry, or "burn the car" as one gentleman would have said on this board. But I guess that's what it takes.

Thank you.

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