Monday, October 19, 2015

Thank You, Assemblyman Hadley

Congratulations, one again, to Assemblyman David Hadley for a very successful first year as our representative in Sacramento. As a freshman in the minority party, and the number one target for removal from office by the political opposition, Assemblyman Hadley accomplished more in the legislator than his predecessor. Although Hadley’s challenger is seeking a rematch for next year, I am surprised that his supporters even allowed him to run.  

One accomplishment, AB 1452, will protect kids by prevent administrators from hiding teachers’ records of misconduct. AB 306 will allow children of active military personnel to enroll in any school they wish, regardless of resistance from home districts. So many military families struggle to find affordable housing near good schools, and Hadley’s reform will ensure the best education for their children.

Furthermore, his schedule of visits, meet-and-greets, and activism in the South Bay has been quite impressive. I cannot recall previous representatives who paid so much attention and invested so  much of their time in the South Bay working with businesses and community leaders, learning about the challenges and  struggles facing working families and small businesses, and seeking more ideas to make California a Golden State once again for all citizens. Hadley has restored citizen-patriot to our local political vocabulary. Instead of elected officials who do what labor unions, special interests, or other negative government elements tell them to do, we have a representative who cares about our families, our schools, our business, and our general South Bay quality of life.

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