Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thanks from a Huntington Park, CA Resident

I received the following message from a Huntington Park, Resident.

In the interest of respecting his privacy as well as protecting his public safety, I will not list his name at this time:

You are a God sent to the City of Huntington Park. So much going much corruption...people who know what they are doing should be brought in...especially to solve our deficit problem. I was there last Tuesday at the City Council meeting and I was relieved to see finally someone speaking up. Unfortunately, most of our HP citizens are unaware and/or scared to speak up and demand respect and demand to take our city back. Our city is being overtaken by individuals that are aware that most of our citizens are afraid of even calling the police. Just wanna say thank you.

We the People Rising
We are voice for those who have no voice in Huntington Park.

We the People will not sit back and stay silent, as unjust city councilmembers and rogue political operatives coerce residents into silence or force them out of their city.

We will not sit by and say nothing while the Huntington Park City Council treats legal residents, born and naturalized, like non-entities while appointing two illegal aliens in their place.

We stand with the people of Huntington Park, CA, and we will not rest until the two illegals are removed from their city commissions, the four immoral city councilmembers have been removed from office, and every city in California - and throughout the country - recognizes that only citizens, born or naturalized, may serve in the public interest on commissions or any other position of power and influence.

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