Thursday, October 22, 2015

Stop Illegal Immigration: NoFundMe for Illegal Francisco Hernandez

In a previous post, I commented on the "plight" of illegal alien Francisco Hernandez, highlighted in a number of columns published by the Daily Breeze.

Since publication of the latest article, a GoFundMe account was set up to help Hernandez pay his bills while waiting for another work permit.

A few months ago, Hernandez was teaching in a San Deigo High School, but then received immediate termination papers because his DACA working permit expired, and he had not received another.

While the reporter Larry Altman repeated the series of tragedies in the young illegal's life, including an abusive childhood, followed by the lapse of his initial visa.

The article inadvertently points out that Francisco was residing in the country legally at one time, then lost that status. The article then itemizes all the activities which the young man undertook in high school and college.

Why did he never apply for legal status? Why did he never reach out for help from humanitarian efforts, or seek pro-bono services from immigration attorneys?

The Daily Breeze article specifically exposes what happened the second time:

Though he first entered the U.S. legally in first grade, his visa expired and he eventually returned to Mexico for a couple of years. When he came back to America, he ventured through the desert to cross the border illegally.

Ironically, the article exposes the failures of piece-meal amnesty, whether under Reagan or Obama, and the problems which result from ignoring the rule of law.

Enough is enough.

It is time for all concerned residents, whether born or naturalized, to demand enforcement of our immigration laws.

More importantly, it's time for the local and even national media to stop pandering to illegal aliens and promoting amnesty, while  ignoring the plights of legal residents still struggling to find work, pay their bills, and live safely and securely in their own country.

Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez (LinkedIn)

Please visit the GoFundMe site below, and leave comments: #NoFundMe

Contact the Daily Breeze, and tell them to stop writing stories promoting illegal aliens and their "plight", but rather tell them to start reporting on the negative consequences of illegal immigration in our communities, including the South Bay:

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  1. I revisited the Go Fund Me site for this illegal. I noticed that the comment which I had written was taken away. So I wrote the following:

    "I left a comment here three days ago, and I notice that it is gone, So much for freedom of speech. This is all wrong. We need to promote legal migration and stop enabling illegal immigration. Francisco Hernandez does not serve a dime from anyone. He entered this country illegally, and needs to follow the law. Get back in line and do it the right way!"

    Please visit and make your voices heard: #NoFundMe for illegal immigration. No money for illegal alien Francisco Hernandez.