Monday, October 26, 2015

Stop Big Green Bullying in Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach is a tightly-knit, politically active town.

The previous mayor of the city, Nanette Barrgan, is now running for Congress, although she has chose to carpet-bag all the way to Carson and challenge Omar Navarro, Christopher Castillo, and Isadore Hall for Janice Hahn's 44th Congressional Districts seat.

Individual residents in Hermosa Beach try to launch initiatives to close down the bars earlier at night, or to deal with the looming pension issues grappling the city.

Some limited government advocates, and their like-minded conserative allies, have had enough with this micromanaging.
Big Breen Bullying in Hermosa Beach

Unfortunately, one group in Hermosa Beach has resorted to bullying political opponents, and nothing seems ready to stop them -- yet.

The Environmental Lobby, aka Big Green.

From "350" Joe Galliani to Cousin Nanette Barragan, the Big Green left in Hermosa Beach will stop at nothing to remove cars, gas, oil, anything carbon-powered from their city.

They have now removed all civility from local politics in their quest for carbon neutrality.

When it comes to local elections, Big Green crazies have spray-painted opposing candidates's signs with "oil rat." They have harrassed individual tenants and residents. The city clerk is currently overwhelmed with record requests, enough that she cannot keep up with her initial, vital duties of providing agendas and minutes for city council meetings.

Facebook pages all about Hermosa Beach and Big Green have attacked conservative, pro-growth candidates and their family. Trespassing, vandalism, and all the rest have been connected with these outrageous, unethical actions.

One voter in the city, asking to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation,, commented:

[State Senator] Ben Allen’s staffer (Lauren Pizer)  who lives in Hermosa is telling everyone on Facebook that certain candidates are] a fraud because [they appear] on 2 slate mailers... Funny thing is...  So was her boss when he ran but doesn't mention that.  You should see how nasty this small group of ppl in hermosa are.  Posting in "HB Future" Facebook page that [Ken Hartley’s] wife is ugly,  [his] wife steals money from her employer. . . election signs are being spray painted with "oil rat" on them.   Crazies man!

And another comment:

There are people in Hermosa who are afraid to put signs up for who they support because the green loonies are harassing and intimidating them.

Politics is about making your case and getting votes. Because the Big Green agenda has little facts or evidence, their supports have to resort to Saul Alinskyite tactics: personalize, polarize, demonize,

It's time to Punch Back Twice as Hard. 

Time to Stop Big Green Bullying in Hermosa Beach!

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