Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lieu Plays the Shame Card on Immigration "Reform"

Congressman Ted Lieu does not represent me or my values.

He rarely ever has.

He has been a confirmed leftist ever since he was elected to the state assembly.

The Daily Breeze advertised him as a conservative Democrat.

They all say that.

Once they get into partisan office however, they show their true colors every time.

I am so tired of this game.

I am tired of politicians who use the city of Torrance as a springboard for illiberal policies which harm our communities, our state, and our way of life.

Yet today, we have another left-wing lawmaker, who started out by claiming that he was a fiscal conservative in a conservative city.

Now that he sits in Congress, he pushes the extremist LGBT agenda. He is also an avid proponent of amnesty.

His latest YouTube clip showcases his pleading for illegals, and shaming those who would not permit amnesty or pathways to citizenship.

So, I am going to reserve the balance of my time, and make a statement. It's going to be directed to Mr. Rector, not so much on the substance of your testimony, but just on the tone of it.

It's never about substance with Lieu and liberals in general. It's about feelings, tone, etc.

I think that it's easy for people like you and me who wear ties and work in offices to cast aspersions on those with a tenth grade education.

There is no shame in working hard labor or working in an office,

I certainly hope that you're not saying that only those with college degrees or high school degrees should be eligible for federal benefits.

Hope removing federal benefits altogether? Why is the federal government in the business of handing out one person's money to someone else and calling the subsidy "a benefit"?

But let's talk about some of these "folks" with the tenth grade education, such a Maria Isabel Jimenez. . 

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Torrance)
He pronounced her name wrong.

She was a farm work, seventeen years old.

She worked for nine hours one day in a farm near Stockton, in brutal heat, without shade or water.

Then she collapsed. She was taken to a hospital. Her body temperature was 108.4 degrees. She died two days later.

OK. A farmer worker dies Was she legal or illegal? Who had hired her? Did Congressman Lieu investigate the farm or the company which had employed her? Why was she working in such brutal conditions? What crops was she harvesting, and for whom?

When I was in the California state legislature, I had the opportunity to meet over the years many farm workers whose family members had died in brutal conditions, in the heat, so that you and I can have less expensive orange juice.

Do illegals harvest oranges in California? Where?

Cheaper artichokes, less expensive garlic. . .

How many farm laborers die in those brutal conditions? Jimenez was 17. Where were her parents? Why did they put her through such trying conditions? Are the American people responsible for that young lady's death? Really?!

I just want to suggest that people like Maria Isabel Jimenez, and you kept talking about their net contributions, that her net contribution in dying, that you and I can have cheap grocery bills, so that we can spend less. . .

She's given far  more to American society than you and I ever will.

Excuse me? How about the tens of thousands of veterans who have died on secret wait lists? They fought for this country, took wounds and hurts to protect our rights and values.

Their contributions mean nothing?

Individual parents who work two jobs -- they contribute so much to our communities, Those same family members contribute to our cities, our state, too.

Congressman Ted Lieu was not elected to represent illegal aliens or farm workers in Stockton, was he?

Congressman Lieu draws another line out of the Saul Alinksy playbook. Shame people, demonize them as uncaring, and never respond to key issues. I am glad that Congressman Lieu remains in the minority, and I doubt that Democrats will ever see majority rule in the House of  Representatives any time soon.

I would like my Congressman not to shame economists and play the shame card to advance immigration "reform." Enforcement must be the watch word from Congress.

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