Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kamala Harris: Dysfunctional Hypocrite

California Attorney General is one of the  most  brazen hypocrites around.

She slams  Washington DC for its lack of cohesion and dysfunction, then claims that lawmakers are not doing their job.

And yet Harris refuses to enforce the law against illegal immigration, and panders to unions and illegal aliens to bolster her flagging campaign.

Her latest eblast was too precious not to blast.


If you showed up to work tomorrow and refused to do your job, chances are you’d be fired. Yet that’s exactly what Washington is threatening to do.

Washington is doing its job if the Congress refuses to fund more of the same illegal executive actions proferred by a rogue President who routinely disregards the rule of law.

Congress is running up against a federal budget deadline, and negotiations have not even been scheduled. Extremists are even threatening to shut down the government unless Democrats agree to defund Planned Parenthood.

That dead-line has been set aside until December, but the federal government should not fund illegal executive overreach. The federal government should not be funding much of what it is currently funding right now!

Korrupt Kammy: Dysfunctional Hypocrite

Washington needs to get it together and do its job.

They are doing their job. When will Korrupt Kammy start doing hers? Illegal aliens are sitting on city commissions in Huntington Park, and she is doing nothing about it.

Kamala is running to fight against this kind of dysfunction, and it’s our job to make sure she has the resources she needs. This month, we’ve got a huge deadline of our own -- our end-of-quarter FEC fundraising goal. Can you give $5 or more to help get our organization off on the right foot?

It’s clear that Washington doesn’t think women have the right to make health care decisions about their own bodies. But they shouldn’t be allowed to grind the government to a halt when they don’t get their way.

How dare she?! This War on Women rhetoric is old and tired. Jason Chaffetz has been demanding more spending into cancer research, and the Democrats want to protect abortion mills. This is disgusting. Planned Murderhood is not doing one damn thing to further better heath care for women. Besides, if they were providing such a worthy service, could they not stay open on their own resourrces?

Remember what happened last time extremists shut the government down to prove a political point? Our economy lost $24 billion.

When will she discuss the billions of dollars that the California economy is losing because of sclerotic, anti-business regulations? How about the rising crime rates due to lack of enforcement? How about the unjust gun control laws taking away self-defense and self-preservation from California citizens? How about the water crisis and the raging wildfires devouring entire communities in our state?

Show your support today and stand up against this dysfunction.

Thank you.

Team Kamala

Just say no to Korrupt Kammy and her dysfunctional hypocrisy!

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