Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Where Are You, LA County Supervisor Solis?

On Tuesday, September 29th, We the People Rising attended the LA County Board of Supervisors meeting on behalf of Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell's decision to allow ICE agents back into the LA County jails.

Illegal aliens and their supporters also lined the streets outside the LA BOS meeting hall, and some of them flashed signs opposing the Sheriff's decision. More remarkably, Sheriff McDonnell has adopted this policy in spite of opposition from a majority of the Board.

This past Thursday, I learned so much about why California law enforcement faces so many hurdles to prosecuting and deporting illegal aliens. The California Trust Act is one major culprit, further restricting the extent of immigration control and enforcement in the state.

This law has to change, but for now, concerned citizens are working step by step to make the public aware of the public fallout associated with illegal immigration, from strains on public resources to property and personal crimes.

After sitting for nearly six hours, waiting for public comment on items not listed on the September 29th agenda,  my fellow activists and I finally took to the podium and addressed the board on our support for Sheriff McDonnell's decision.

A number of participants not only thanked the Sheriff, but reminded the board and the audience about the number of murders from repeat illegal alien offenders. Other members demanded more enforcement, including myself. Frankly, more illegals should be deported, and the rule of law respected without limit.

I wanted to take more time to address an ongoing flagrant violation of state and federal law, one which further undermines our national sovereignty as well as making a mockery of local governance and exploiting an inattentive media and community.

In Huntington Park, CA, the city council has not only appointed two illegal aliens to city commissions, but has purportedly sworn them in following a LiveScan screening. How is this possible? How can two illegal aliens submit paperwork for a live scan? How can they be sworn in without public comment or witnesses? How can they take an oath of office to uphold the United States Constitution, when they are not citizens and have already violated the law?
LA Supervisor Hilda Solis

In the midst of my comments, I called out "Missing in Action" Congresswoman Lucille Roybal-Allard, who has done nothing, and even justified the appointments as nothing criminal since ICE had not picked them up yet. Imagine the hordes of criminals who would excuse their conduct with the same argument: "I have not done anything wrong, because no one has arrested me."

At the end of my two minute remarks, I asked Supervisor Hilda Solis a question: "Where are you?"

She interviewed with ABC7 to hint that she cared about public safety, even though she wanted to remove ICE from LA County jails and further enable illegal aliens to live in Los Angeles County. Yet she cannot be bothered to speak out on the illegal appointment of two illegal aliens in Huntington Park? She can take pictures with local activists and talk with constituents and interest groups in Downtown Los Angeles, but she will not step up and demand the rule of law and enforcement of our borders and legal culture.

Solis must do her job, or she should be fired!
It's time to demand that LA County Supervisor Hilda Solis do her job.

Contact her office and ask "Where are you, Supervisor Solis?" Then demand that she do her job, and require enforcement of our immigration laws throughout LA County, and particularly in her district, which includes Huntington Park.

Hilda Solis
Phone: (213) 974-4111
Fax: (213) 613-1739

Scheduling requests:

Rosa Maria Santana
Supervisor Deputy
(213) 974-4111

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