Friday, October 2, 2015

Mike Lee. . .or Jeff Sessions for Majority Leader?

Ever since House Speaker John Boehner announced that he would step down as Speaker then resign from Congress, I have joined with the growing voices throughout the country, and demanded that US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell resign, too.

The only problem facing this prospect? Who will replace McConnell?

Many are not open to Texas' senior US Senator John Cornyn taking over. He has been in lock-step with too much of the status quo in the upper chamber.

I had pressed for US Senator Mike Lee of Utah to take over the reins as Majority Leader. He stood with Ted Cruz to allow his procedural motion to continue, even though everyone else (rudely) voted it down.

Lee has worked fervently with Tea Party elements throughout the country to rally support and passage for a new Conservative Agenda. He is articulate without being tart, he is convincing as well as confrontational.

There is only one problem: he is running for reelection next year.

US Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama)

It is very difficult for a new Majority Leader in any legislative body to transition into that powerful position as it is. To add the struggles of running for reelection, would not only complicate his role as leader, but might compromise his reelection chances.

Instead of Mike Lee, some conservative activists are asking:

Why not US Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama?

He is a senior statesman, influential and powerful. He has the longest record of giving speeches and speaking with colleagues on the Senate Floor.

He just won reelection in his home state, and ran unopposed.

He is the face of the fight for the Working Man, the staunchest vocal opponent of illegal immigration

Inside sources have suggested that Sessions might run, if pressed to do so.

What say you, readers? Should Jeff Sessions run for US Senate Majority Leader?

Leave your comments below, and contact Senator Sessions' office. Share your thoughts with his staff.

326 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: (202) 224-4124
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41 West I-65 Service Road North
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