Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bobby Jindal's Witty Take on Dem Debate

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is now my favorite for the Republican Presidential nom in 2016.

He is witty, acerbic, confrontational. A committed leader who pushes aside complacency.

Besides Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Jindal as the best record as an effective executive, an elected official who has taken on political difficult yet voter-popular decisions for the greater good of his state.

His influence is reaching outside of Louisiana, too, where he has counseled Iowa Governor Terry Branstad on how to defund Planned Murderhood.

His comments about the five Presidential contenders (or should it be six, with the Congresswoman from Hawaii, or seven with Vice President Joe Biden?) were as accurate and damaging as anything that I have read in the conservative media:P

Tonight is the first Democrat debate. Since the press is not covering it much, here is a quick report from the Democrat primary:

Why is the press not covering the Democratic debate? The Democratic Party, for greater intents and purposes, had manipulated their base and the public to support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. What kind of a political party stifles dissent in such a crude and officious manner?

 The Democrat candidate in fifth place thinks that America should be using the Metric System.

Lincoln Chafee -- the Presidential candidate from Rhode Island -- wants to go from miles to meters. Oh brother. He leaves me stitches  talking about inches.

 The Democrat candidate in fourth place claims that ISIS was caused by climate change, and he apologized for saying that “all lives matter.”

Martin O'Malley is a left-wing version of Scott Walker, having implemented every known Leftist agenda talking point in his state. A Republican took his place in 2014. Nuf said.

The Democrat candidate in third place doesn’t actually appear to be campaigning.

Jim Webb? Who is he?

The Democrat candidate in second place calls himself a socialist...which by the way means he is more honest than the candidate in first place.

Yes, Socialist in Name Only, though, since he own a condo and sided with warmongers and gun owners while in Congress.

And the Democrat candidate in first place is under investigation by the FBI.

Ouch! Doesn't that say it all?!

It’s no wonder the Democrats are scared of debates. Their candidates are incredibly weak, and their ideas are worse.

In every way. Thank you, Governor Jindal!

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