Saturday, October 10, 2015

Canada Free Press Letter Blasts Chamber of Commerce

After publishing my column "Beware Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce", Canada Free Press received the following Letter to the Editor, affirming much of what I wrote, and adding another disturbing, anti-limited government trend among Big Business interests: welfare expansion and abuse.

This letter is printed with the writer's permission, with his identity removed for his protection:

Let me share my Chamber of Commerce experience. I lived in Modesto California for some twenty-five years. Modesto had (and still does) perennial high unemployment. In California's Central Valley agriculture predominates the economy. In Modesto Gallo is king.

I visited the local C of C office as a concerned citizen. The high unemployment coincided with the large Hispanic population (legal and not). Here's what I learned: large employers like Gallo use Hispanic labor "when they need them." When they do not need them employers like Gallo want these workers available (read taken care of via the social safety net by taxpayers).

In a nutshell, employers like Gallo could give a rip about taxpayers (like me). It was (and still is) all about them and their profitability. The Central Valley is also high in crime (stolen vehicles and meth labs run by Hispanic gangs), uninsured motorists and high automobile costs are prevalent and Hispanics have no interest in assimilating. You can be sure however that they know how to work the social safety networks.

So the good old Chamber is loyal to guess who?

The Chamber of Cronyism er Compromise, er Commerce is loyal to the almighty dollar, even if the money comes out of taxpayer wallets.

Big Business is Coming for You

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