Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Train Ride of Life: Drive or Be Driven

I just received this simple, straigtforward email.

Leadership, liberty, self-governance are all under attack right now in our country.

We have a President who does not preside, nor enforce existing laws, but dictates his illiberal dictates at the expense of the US Constitutional and the rule of law.

Leadership in the House of Representatives is shifting toward confrontation, rather than accomodation. The weak leadership in the US Senate is now under fire.

Why? Because citizens shouted "Enough!"

The Train Ride That Is Life

It seems to me we are each driving a train on the tracks of our life.

Sometimes we take turns with others and instead become passengers on this train.

Is it your train or my train? What is your train of thought on the next fight that will come your way?

We must remain alert when we allow others to temporarily take the controls.

We will all have our desired destination, we as the conductor, will make sure we are moving toward.

Trains move very subtly. Before you know it, because you do not feel it, you are going in a different direction, and there is little to nothing you did to cause it, and it seems like even less can be done to stop it.

However, as simply a passenger on the train we can't be sure that we will end up at our desired destination.

Likewise, if we are not acting as the conductor how are we to know that we will end at the desired destination.

Conservatives have wanted someone else to do the leading, the fighting, the winning. That work now falls into everyone of our hands. We cannot sit back and hope that someone else can be the change that we want them to be, or to make in our country and in our lives.

It seems many of us have been enjoying the ride without knowing who it is that is driving and what is their idea of the best destination.

This can become a serious tragedy for us and our loved ones if we have just trusted without researching where the desired destination of this conductor plans to take us.

Do you and I know where we are going? Do you know where you want to go?

Today there are those that desire Statism as the destination and are working hard to veil that destination until it is too late to change tracks.

It is not too late to switch the track to our desired direction that will take us to our truly desired destination where for generations people have known will bring the happiness desired, bringing us to a Constitutional Republic where the freedom has been given that our Creator has shown unto us.

We need to relearn our liberty, what it means, what it entails, how the Founders and the Framers fought for what mattered.

No, it is not too late. We can still drive rather than be driver. We can rule rather than be ruled.

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