Saturday, October 31, 2015

Centinela Valley High School District Election: Vote for Daniel Urrutia and Vanessa Martinez

This post will not take long to write.

The current school members of Centinela Valley Union High School District should ALL be thrown out and replaced

Last year, I attended the school board meeting in which the board announced their termination of Superintendent Jose Fernandez. One member of the audience indicated that they did not go far enough:

"They should all be thrown in jail!"

Yes, indeed.

For now, Centinela Valley district residents can throw out the garbage by voting out the incumbents.

There is nothing more to add beyond this:

The incumbents either voted for, signed off on or supported Jose Fernandez and his dictatorial tyranny over the district, pushing out teachers and staff whom he hated, all while feathering his nest with easy loans and high pay.

The district was cutting programs and teachers, even while paying the top-heavy district high salaries. Teachers feel harassed and oppressed - because they are!

Too many voters were simply not paying attention, and that has to stop! Residents, homeowners, taxpayers should be furious with the waste, fraud, and malfeasance.

Please Centinela Valley voters:

On November 3rd, 2015:

Daniel Urrutia and Vanessa Martinez for Centinela Valley Union High School Board!

Daniel Urrutia

Vanessa Martinez

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