Sunday, November 1, 2015

Torrance Teachers Association BUSTED: They Don't Care about Parents or Students

If this tweet does not spell out where the true interests of the Torrance Teachers Association lies, I fear that nothing will.

Now, the Torrance Teachers Association claims that they represent teachers.

Yet many teachers, especially in this city, have told me that they do not like Common Core, and yet the TTA stands by Common Core.

I also know Torrance teachers who are not voting for either Don Lee or Terry Ragins. They are voting for Clint Paulson and Rick Marshall.

When I was a student at Torrance High School, teachers would complain about the TTA, because they were spending union dues - forced union dues - on candidates and causes which the individual teachers do not support. I have heard from other teachers who resent their money taken from them, regardless of their political affiliation.

I have also spoken with registered Democrats in the city of Torrance, and the despise unions are they hate their inordinate influence in city politics. Democrats!

A few years later, I spoke with the President of the Torrance Teachers Association. When I told him that one of the teachers was just letting students play cards in class, and had pretty much given up on teaching, his response was:

"Well, I have to side with the teacher automatically, since I am the head of the union."

Wait. What?! I thought that teachers unions cared about kids and their education.

This tweet gives further pause for the true interests of the TTA:

So, students are their special interest on October 13 but on November 1st, they do not represent parents or students.

Are you confused?

Frankly, you do not have to be.

Jefferson had it right:
Unions have become the essence of tyranny

Unions represent unions. They have become monolithic power fronts interested in control, but without purpose or principle.

Don Lee has told me a number of times that he tried to make nice with the unions. There is no making nice with any political force, when they have the force to do what they want.

Terry Ragins has made it very clear where her interests lie - in protecting the interests of the unions, who in turn protect her power in office. It is kind of scary yet exhilirating at the same time.

Two local candidates with very little money have the teachers unions running scared in Torrance.

All I have to say: It's about time!

And the Torrance Teachers Association is BUSTED!

Contact the Torrance Teachers Assocation, and tell them to stop taking money from teachers for causes contrary to the best interests of parents, students, and teachers.

Tell them to support honest candidates, and stop trying to buy local elections!

Torrance Teachers Association

1619 Cravens Ave, Torrance, CA 90501
(310) 320-8200

Julie Shankle, President of the TTA:
(310) 376-1868


  1. TTA and TUSD do not care 1% about our children. If they did pervert teachers wouldn't be sitting in class today!!

  2. Today's Schools are just like Factories, and Teachers are the assembly line workers. All they care about is pushing a finished product (our future) out the door with as Little effort as possible.

  3. Torrance teachers can elect not to have their union contributions support political campaigns. They receive a paper at the beginning of the year explaining this. Unions historically represent workers, not customers or clients. Your notion is as outrageous as having the union which represents UPS bring up issues regarding the timeliness of packages being delivered.

    1. The timeliness of deliveries - that is the very reason why UPS hires the workers in the first place! Unions are supposed to care about the quality of their workers and their work, are they not? Oh, they don't? Well. . .

    2. Incorrect statement! There is currently a case of a teacher out of CA waiting to be heard at the supreme Court for this issue!

  4. You make it sound like that representing teachers means that teachers can't put students and classrooms at the heart of their interests. You act like it's an either/or proposition. Why is this a limited choice? Negotiating class size reduction serves teachers AND students AND parents AND administrators, etc... Why would that be a bad thing?

    1. Who represents the parents and the children, not TTA or SEIU!!