Monday, March 22, 2021

Hateful Bigotry: Downey City Councilman Defends Perversion, Can't Justify "LGBT Picnic"

When California MassResistance wrote a letter to the city council to reject the very notion of an LGBT picnic, one of the city councilmembers, Mario Trujillo, fired back a hateful response:

"CA MassResistance Tells the Truth about LGBT
And that offends me!"

Mr. Schaper -

As an openly gay man, I am offended by your email. 

People are born gay, it’s not a choice. Ask yourself ,,,, “when did you choose to be straight?”

Pls don’t email me with this nonsense. 

You are just another homophobe in my book. 

Mario Trujillo,
Downey Councilmember 

This is true homophobia, and yet, it exists among homosexuals themselves.

The truth is that each person is born with the proper capacity for healthy sexual relations. That's why those behaviors are considered "natural". People are not born gay, since there is no genetic component. What is also suspect is that I never once said that people "choose" to be gay, although there is a small segment of the homosexual population that opts for that kind of conduct simply because of frustration with past relationships.

He has to stick out his neck and defend his destructive behavior because the LGBT lobby expects exacting obedience, or else.

Here's something else ... who cares if a city councilman is offended by an email or not? It's his job to expect responses from people in the community about city matters. If he is so easily offended, then he needs to find another line of service.

I responded as follows to his hateful email:

Mr. Trujillo,

Your remarks are uninformed and hateful.

People are not born gay. There is no genetic evidence for this supposition. Here's research to back up my argument:

Even homosexuals themselves are accepting the truth of this matter:

Furthermore, you can speak to David Pickup, Kevin Whitt, and Bobby Lopez, among others. Why are you trying to erase the testimonies of men and women who have left that lifestyle? 

Not once did I ever say "It's a choice." People are not born that way, though. The burden of proof lies with militants who insist on imposing this agenda on others. Do you believe in science? Do you have any scientific evidence to back up your heated assertions?

Why are you so hostile? Why do you insist on imposing your preferences onto an entire city? 

As far as "choosing" to be born straight, it's a natural inclination, which gets distorted due to abuse, neglect, or molestation.

I must ask, Mr. Trujillo, what does your father think of your behavior? Does he support your conduct? Does he support your disrespect toward others, as well?

To the city clerk and city council of Downey, I urge that these remarks remain submitted for the public record, as well.

What's also really interesting is that Trujillo makes all this noise about his abuse of his body with the same sex, and yet in his campaign efforts in previous elections, he never once mentioned that he was involved in homosexual behavior.

Consider his campaign ad when he ran for Los Angeles County District Attorney in 2012. Click here.

Not once does he mention his "gayness".

Consider his ad for Downey City Council just last year! Click here for the video.

According to one report, Trujillo is "married" to another guy, too. Of course, nowhere does Mario feature his partner in any of his ads for city council. Probably because voters would have been turned off by his behavior.

For a guy who is so bold about being "openly gay", he went to greater lengths to hide his conduct. For this reason, he could not provide any real answers to the points that I had made in my first letter to the city council, and then in the subsequent response to his very hateful email.

Contact the Downey City Council, and tell them to reject this foolish notion of an "LGBT Picnic".

Call and Email the City Council:

Claudia Frometa

(562) 904-7274

Blanca Pacheco

(562) 904-7274

Sean Aston

(562) 904-7274

Catharine Alvarez

(562) 904-7274

Mario Trujillo

(562) 904-7274

Participate in the March 23, 2021 Downey City Council Meeting:

Below are the ways to participate in the Regular Meeting at 6:30 p.m.

  1. View the City Council meeting live stream at:

    YouTube Channel:

  2. Join the meeting via Zoom:

    Meeting ID: 918 8201 4628 Passcode: 723997
    Zoom link:

    Call Toll-Free (audio only): (877) 853-5247 or (888) 788-0099


In order to effectively accommodate public participation, participants are asked to provide

their public comments via e-mail by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the meeting.

Participants addressing the City Council by email are encouraged to provide the following information:

a) Full Name;
b) City of Residence;
c) Subject or Agenda Item No.; d) Written Comments.


4. Teleconference phone number: (562) 299-6622

Calls will be placed on hold in queue and participants will provide their public comments via speaker phone. Persons speaking are limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes. Please be mindful that the teleconference call will be recorded as any other person is recorded when appearing before the City Council, and all other rules of procedure and decorum will apply when addressing the City Council by teleconference.

Participants addressing the City Council by teleconference are encouraged to provide the following information:

a) Full Name;
b) City of Residence;
c) Subject or Agenda Item No.; d) Public Comment.

For any questions contact the City Clerk’s Office at (562) 904-7280. 

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