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Hill Country Hate: Shaming MassResistance Activists Fighting Drag Queen Story Hour

Tracy Shannon, our Texas MassResistance Chapter Chair, accomplished so much good work over the last two years. I wanted to make sure that the gets recognized for all her work, and her organization with other activists in the Lone Star State.

As expected, her efforts were so effective, that the local press in the different cities where she stopped Drag Queen Story Hour programs would go out of their way to defame her and her fellow activists.

No matter what they wrote about her, though, she put the fear of MassResistance into every LGBT militant and every bigoted pervert who supported those perverse designs to groom children to accept sexual perversion as a norm in local libraries.

Check out what the Hill Country News, based in Austin, TX, wrote about MassResistance after their successful protests in Leander, Texas:

Open Cathedral Church has rented room at library to ensure event continues; protest against the event planned

The Leander library has canceled two events originally scheduled for June, purportedly after receiving public backlash over one of those events.

There has always been good reason for the public to oppose Drag Queen Story Hour. Drag queens are not for kids! They certainly are not for adults, either.

Valeri Abrego-Liszewski, an Austin-based performer who was scheduled to be a part of a Drag Queen Story Hour event on June 15, said they were informed by email Thursday that the event has been canceled by the “city council of Leander.”

However, no public record of a city council meeting addressing the issue could be found at the city’s public meetings website, and it is still unclear whether the city council did in fact order the cancellation.

Isn't it amazing that the local newspaper wanted to give some kind of good press for the Drag Queens and the group that was promoting the meeting? Does the city council really need to have some docketed agenda item in place in order to stop a bad program from taking place?

Leander public information officer Mike Neu directed media to an information release posted on the city’s website late Thursday, which stated, “Periodically, either on its own or because of stakeholder questions, the City undertakes a review of its Library’s programs and staff procedures, including evaluation of upcoming children's events, the summer reading program and activities, as well as events that come from outside sources.”

While not providing details on why certain events were canceled and others were not, and whether any public controversy played a role in the decision, the city's release goes on to confirm that the Drag Queen Story Hour has been canceled. A Summer Superhero Saturday event scheduled for June 8 has also been canceled.

Sometimes, the only way to stop the evil infiltration of the public space is to ensure that no private entity can promote a specialized program in the public place.

A number of other summer events were listed as being subject to an overall review — but not canceled — including "Stories and Songs with Sue Young" and "Brett Roberts, Magician & Puppeteer."

The fact that the reporter cannot tell the difference between drag queens and magicians should say a lot. Drag entertainment is destructive and perverse. Magic and singing are great activities for children.

Emails from library staff to the performer, however, indicated the Drag Queen Story Hour event's cancellation was a result of “the controversy the city has faced.”

Requests for details on the alleged controversy were not provided by the city, however, social media posts showed some amount of unrest related to the scheduled event.

“What’s vile is letting the liberals get their way, for instance it looks like we’ve got drag story hour for the kids at the Leander library already. That’s disgusting,” Leander resident Jay Ordway posted on Facebook.

Posts about the event on social media have already ignited intense debate over the event, generating hundreds of comments for and against allowing the event across several posts. Most of the posts on the Leander Public Library’s Facebook page, however, were supportive of the event, with many residents expressing anger and frustration that the city had cancelled it.

Does anyone really believe that actual residents supported creepy, sexualized men wearing women's clothes reading to children? I don't think so! Leander is a conservative suburb of Austin. There is no way that anyone with any common sense would celebrate perverted sex entertainers reading to children/.

“There is a considerable (number) of LGBT tax-paying constituents/residents in Leander, not to mention our wonderful allies,” a post from Kate LeClair read. “If I don't like an event at the library or sponsored by the city, guess what? I don't go. Anyone who is against this inclusive, educational, amazing event needs to realize that they have a choice in attending, and let those of us who would love some diversity in this town go and enjoy.

This is the classic canard of the Drag Queen proponents: "If you don't like it, don't go."

Here's the deal: adults in any community, whether they have children or not, should not allow this filth to be around children. There is a communitarian interest in putting a stop to this wickedness.

Despite the largely supportive slant of the posts, there were still a number of residents ardently opposed to the story hour.

“Good to see children will not be indoctrinated with Leander tax payer dollars who are against this type(sic) of inappropriate acts,” Stella Williams posted.

Neither library officials nor the mayor or members of council returned calls on Thursday seeking comment and clarification on the matter.

The Leander Public Library is managed by a third-party contractor, Library Systems and Services, LLC, and Neu said the city has the right to provide input about services and direction for the library. However, it is not yet clear whether the mayor or individual city council members have the authority under the city’s charter to direct employees of a third-party contractor, such as order — or even request — the contractor to make changes to its programming.

The city has not yet provided information about whether the council convened a quorum in order to discuss the issue and take action in accordance with Texas Open Government laws.

City of Cedar Park spokesperson Jennie Huerta said that any contractor for Cedar Park typically answers to a commission or board, and is ultimately directed by city staff. According to City of Cedar Park's FAQ page about it's City Council-Manager form of government — the same form of government used by the City of Leander — the mayor, council members or the council itself cannot direct city staff, other than the city manager.

The Hill Country News has submitted a series of open records requests seeking clarification on how the event was scheduled and ultimately canceled, and whether the mayor or council members were involved in that process.

Leander’s public statement Thursday afternoon said the city plans to conduct a survey, soliciting input from Leander citizens “on their interests in future library activities,” and noted that the survey will be shared on the city’s website within 24 hours of the original informational release.

Performer Discusses Event
Abrego-Liszewski has performed as a drag king in the Austin area for four years. They occasionally help organize Drag Queen Story Hour events with a loose group of other drag performers. Abrego-Liszewski said they have been performing the event at Book People in downtown Austin every quarter for the last two years.

Abrego-Liszewski said a former Leander library staff member originally made contact “a while ago” in regards to performing the Drag Queen Story Hour event in Leander.

Emails provided to Hill Country News show a library staff member following up with Abrego-Liszewski earlier this month, offering assistance, and asking if any books could be reserved.

A follow-up email from the staff said that two performers “would be perfect,” as a large crowd was not anticipated, and they are “hoping to gain community support so we can make this a recurring event that gets larger every year.”

The final two emails came Thursday, May 23, the day the event was canceled.

The first of those involves a member of the library’s staff stating they had received pushback from the community and inquired whether the performers had been background checked.

Abrego-Liszewski said the next email, which came 28 minutes later, canceled the event before they could respond to the first inquiry.

“I'm so sorry to do this but because of the controversy the city has faced the city council of Leander has decided to cancel our drag queen story hour event. I appreciate your support and regret that this had to happen,” the email said.

Abrego-Liszewski said they were disappointed about the cancellation but also said they weren’t surprised, noting that similar events in other cities have also been met with backlash from some community members.

Performers were also initially apprehensive about bringing the production to a new place like Leander out of concerns that some of those opposed to the event could become violent.  Instead, Abrego-Liszewski said they had hoped the event would have provided an opportunity to dispel concerns about drag performers and the LGBTQ community at large, particularly because their own children have seen their performances and had no problems with the event.

“It was a shame. This kind of invalidates anybody who is part of the LGBTQ community and has children and has family. What about them? They live there too,” Abrego-Liszewski said. “I felt like I could break down barriers… that they could feel better about (themselves)… because I’m also a parent.”

The LGBT community has issues when they have to depend on drag queens to get their message out. That fact should serve as proof enough that we don't want drag queen anything around children.

Abrego-Liszewski said children really respond to the colorful costumes and positive atmosphere presented during the performance.

That's the whole scam, though. Children are being conditioned to think that drag queens, and their sexually explicit themes, are appropriate, and that it's OK to spend time with these perverted men pretending to be parodies of women. This is all wrong, all wrong, and more parents are speaking out against it.

“They love seeing these performers come through with their big, gigantic dresses and their big, gigantic hair. The children feel like they’re seen a real queen coming through,” Abrego Liszewski said. “I’m disappointed for the families that were interested in this story time or could be interested in it. I’m disappointed they took such a positive experience and make it such a negative thing.”

Possibility of Protest

Corpus Christi resident Tracy Shannon contacted the Hill Country News on Facebook Thursday, stating she was a founding member of the Houston chapter of MassResistance Texas, which bills itself as a “pro-family activist organization,” and said that group planned to hold a protest at the Leander Library if the event goes ahead as planned.

Way to go, Mad Momma Bear!

The group’s Texas Facebook page did not yet list anything about Leander Thursday afternoon, though its website includes several articles about their opposition to a similar event in Houston earlier this year.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated MassResistance an anti-gay hate group. MassResistance has rebuked the claim in past statements.

This is the nadir point for journalism. Any reporter that has to quote the Southern Poverty Law Center, an anti-American hate group which targets religious groups and routinely defames men and women of faith, family, and freedom, has lost all credibility.

The Show May Go On
In a development late Thursday afternoon, Abrego-Liszewski said the performers are working on details with Open Cathedral Church that could provide a way for the performance to go ahead at the Leander Library.

The show did not go on. Way to go, Tracy!

Open Cathedral Church, a member of the United Church of Christ that opened in Leander three years ago, confirmed that it has rented a Leander Library conference room for 3 p.m. June 15 to host the Drag Queen Story Hour, based on word it received that the city was canceling the originally-scheduled performance.

This "Open Cathedral" is closed off to the truth. No real church would ever permit drag queens within its sanctuary or under its auspices in a public setting. These fake churches need to be called out and shut down.

The church plans to use the same performers and will run a background check on them as part of the church’s usual operating procedures.

Why wasn't a background check done in the first place? Why didn't the church bother to see if the drag queen perverts were safe to be around children in the first place?

Lead Minister Ryan Hart said Thursday afternoon that he had not yet heard whether the event was an official event nor whether it had been formally cancelled. But he said the church is reserving the room in case the city decided to proceed with its cancellation.

United Church of Christ has deep roots in the LGBTQ rights movement, the women’s suffrage movement and the abolitionist movement, Hart said. 

The fact that anyone would compare LGBT perversion with women's suffrage or abolition is just filthy beyond belief. Who in their right mind would descend to such depths of shame and dishonor? That is all wrong. People are born black or they are born female, but people are not born gay, nor are they born in the wrong body, and thus are they in need of sex-reassignment surgery.

“Our mission is open minds, hearts and faith. We want to create space for people to be able to be themselves,” Hart said. “In the message of the Good Samaritan, the Samaritan is an outsider to the people who would have been hearing the story. Jesus is saying we should love our neighbors, even when we feel they are different than us and that they’re outsiders… This fits with that message of creating space for people to be different and still be neighbors and loved in that space. I think that’s a message all of us always need to remember and be willing to hear.”

I laugh out loud every time LGBT proponents, particularly for Drag Queen Story Hour, declare that they want to teach children to "be themselves." A drag queen is a man pretending to be a woman. How is that being yourself?! It isn't!

Hart said he had planned to attend the original event with his own children. 

This man should lose custody of his children for allowing them anywhere near a drag queen or a Drag Queen Story Hour program. Shame on him!

And bravo to Tracy Shannon and Texas MassResistance for taking a firm stance against this evil targeting of children!

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