Tuesday, March 30, 2021

MAGA Inc.: The Anti-Semite vs. The Sodomite

 This is what the MAGA Inc. Turf (or should I write "Terf?") war has descended into:

We have anti-Semite Nick Fuentes getting into an argument with sodomite "Conservative" Drag Queen Lady MAGA. Really. 

I thought the fight was all about making America Great Again--or at least making American good again. Alex de Toqueville wrote about the importance of a "good" America, so that America would remain great. Despising ethnic groups is not going to make America good again. Promoting sexual perversion is not going to make America good again, either. Please, we can do better than this, can't we? 

 And things are looking even more bleak as younger conservatives and populist-leaning nationalists wanting to force up the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, and they are also talking about Medicaid expansions and other Big Government programs.

Yes, We the People need to stand up to the anti-Constitutional abuses of Big Business. There are better ways to do that, besides giving the government more power. The states need their power restored. The balance of power needs to be reoriented back to the states and the people. Is that too far-fetched a goal? Perhaps.

One thing is for sure, though: the increased ideological conflicts among Conservative Inc., MAGA Inc., and now America First Inc. is really tiresome. All of this bickering among broken and corrupted elements looking to push their own narrow agenda, all of which falls outside of the domain of natural law and natural rights, is hurting the larger cause.

Sure, people can go after Charlie Kirk, but even he had a point, i.e. Groypers should be going after their Congressmen and US Senators. They should be raising hell at their local school boards, too. The government belongs to We the People, not Some of Us Grifters.

And the Conservative Movement by and large has descended into more grift, more making money all while claiming to be getting the job done to fight all the perverse, abominable moves undermining our country.

The whole show is just more grift, nothing more.

The Conservative Movement just cannot seem to get its act together. Everyone wants to hold conferences. No one wants to organize their citizenship political might and fight back. Everyone wants to argue about their pet niche within conservatism. No one wants to fight in the public square, the public schools, the courts of public opinion to make the case for the American values that make America Great.

Instead, we have one set of  new grifters calling another set of grifters "grifters". Give me a break. And they have more incendiary views which shock and disgust people, and all of that flash without panache is just to make more money.

The grift needs to be sifted out until conservatives start to value gaining power to accomplish good, as opposed to making money to purchase more goods.

We can do better than Lady MAGA. We can do better than Nick Fuentes. We can do better than Groypers, Groupies, Stoners, and Stupids. We can do better than anti-Semites and Sodomites.

We can do better than Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro, too. We don't need more conferences, discussions, and philosophy. It's time to push back on the levers of power and take control of our government, our country, and our communities.

Otherwise, the fight to advance conservatism is going to descend into a bum's rush between sodomites and anti-Semities. We can do better, we can push for better, and we can make better happen.

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