Monday, March 29, 2021

Cancel Culture is OK When It's Cancelling Cancerous Elements in the Culture

Dear Straight People is an LGBT website pushing stories about Southeast Asians "coming out" and other movements in the homosexual and transgender movement on the continent.

As homosexual activists are want to do, Dear Straight People wants to play victim, so they shared the post from Instagram (click here), detailing all the times that Singaporeans took pains to push out or reject perversion in their country. Then they claim: "Oh, look, you straight people were cancelling LGBT issues, performances, and peoples long before we started calling out TrueLove.Is. etc."

I must push back on this.
The issue is not about "cancel culture" per se. The issue is cancelling cancer vs. cancelling culture. LGBT behaviors and ideas are cancerous. They should be cancelled. Culture is essential to any country, and must not be cancelled.
It is A-OK to remove from the public sphere displays of sexual perversion and degradation. It is totally fitting and right to discriminate against dangerous, unhealthy behaviors and the destructive ideologies which promote them. LGBT behaviors should be re-deviantized.

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