Monday, September 26, 2016

Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow Supports Criminal SJWs at Private Event

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio visited Torrance California this past weekend.

The leadership of the new chartered Republican group, the California Impact Republicans, made quite an impact that day.

They were ready to host Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Aurelio Mattucci's real estate office.

Within a day or two, anti-Social Justice Warriors informed the South Bay Impact Republicans that they would protest, raise a fuss, and disrupt the entire meeting.

They worked hard to move the event to another place.

This Republican group wants to rally the troops, empower the conservative cause and get local Republicans kicking, fighting, and winning again.

Sheriff Joe met with a diverse group of conservatives.

Black, Hispanic, Jewish, male and female, and even people of American Indian descent!

And yet, these silly SJWs were screaming and yelling "Racist Go Home!" outside. How do they define "racist".

The anti-law and order Left are not interested in allowing for peace.

They want to disrupt and destroy. This is the Saul Alinksy playbook at its worst.

About twenty people, all dressed in red and shouting hateful epithets.

Within five minutes, one of the protesters stole the phone out of Johnnie Maul's hand.


An altercation broke out. Maul tried to get his phone back.

Read--they stole his phone!!!

The sheriff's deputies arrived to restore order. There was so few of those cowardly SJWs that they got quiet really quick.

We would search the parking lot in front of the building after our meeting with Sheriff Joe--we are still looking for Johnnie's phone!

Those protesters were apparently abusive operatives, paid protesters who just show up and shout, trying to intimidate people.

But their antics can't work on us!

They were crowding the sidewalk in front of the new meeting place, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars hall.

One of the protesters, a young female, pushed Sandra Goetz'  husband.

This lady in the orange shirt and white pants
assaulted Sandra Geotz' husband

Two of them fell into me following the first scuffle.

And who was there leading this awful, leftist charge?

Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow.

This double-standard of abuse and disrespect must cease. Leftists believe that they can behave above the law. All of that is outrageous and wrong.

What is he doing here? Doesn't he have any regard to the First Amendment rights of other people?

Check out the nasty, illogical signs of the protesters too:

Notice that the sign lists all these "oppressed minorities" -- it's like a make-shift sign ready for any type of protest.

Give me a break!

What is all this talk about white supremacy, anyway? After all, a white liberal Democrat was leading the charge at the event!

Here are some other crazy Social In-Justice Warriors disturbing the peace:

Do they believe in the rule of law? I do not believe that law-abiding, legal residents should be deported. They should be allowed to live here, because they obey the law.

Individuals who have entered the country illegally need to get back in line and come in the right way.

Why is this a problem for people?

That woman above kept shouting about "White Privilege". I have yet to understand what they are talking about. "White people" fought the civil war to end slavery. They also fought to allow women to vote.

I also schooled her about human genetics. Every human being has color in their skin--and it was a black and Chinese American who taught me that.

What about white lives? Asian-lives?
Mixed-race lives?

This crazy black protester called me a Dummy, and even claimed that she had a right to be prejudiced and hateful.

Are you confused? Just look at this crazy lady.

You know that she's getting paid to do this--and whoever paid her should ask for the money back!

Then this racist black lady started attacking another black woman as a "sellout".

A Real Black Woman stands up to the Crazy Pink Lady

Louise Outland knows the truth:

Isn't that racist?

Sometimes, just for amusement, all you have to do is just listen to these manic left-wing agitators, and then start asking them questions. They will expose their stupidity without even trying!

But back to Jimmy Gow.

The President of the Torrance Democrat Club has First Amendment rights, just like everyone else.

One would think that he would set a better example of how to exercise one's rights, and actually make a successful point.

The same older lady in the white shirt claimed that Sheriff Joe was running concentration camps. She actually compared the wicked genocide against the Jewish people to prisoners?!

These people are mixed up and messed up all at once.

And throughout these confrontations, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club stood by and gave his silent consent to these abusive behaviors.

Check out these photos during the point when Sheriff Joe stepped outside to speak with the protesters and offer them a cookie--with his face on it!

There's Jimmy Gow standing behind
silently approving this despicavle behavior

Here is another photo:

And once again, you have Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow silently approving of this behavior.

Silence is consent. This kind of activity is not the way to make a point.

Not at all.

Terrible. Just terrible.

The regressive left has indeed regressed to some disturbing, infantile behaviors.

Of course, this rabble was a paid operation, according to a number of sources.

I tried to offer the picture of Sheriff Joe to one of the protesters, but he refused.

Want another picture of Sheriff Joe?
You will notice that this protester stood silently by. He demonstrated a calm reserve, unlike the heedless youth cursing at the sheriff and shoving his middle finger into his face.

Final Reflection:

This kind of racist conduct has been getting a free pass for decades.

The President of the Santa Monica Progressive Democrats labeled Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel a "Holocaust Whore".

They demean people who have lighter skin than they as "privileged" and elitist, without any proof or knowledge about their background.

Jimmy Gow and his Democratic followers have engaged in this race-baiting BS for a long time, along with two Democratic operatives who disturbed another private meeting of Republicans earlier this year (2016)

Very sad.

This kind of double-standard must cease!

This behavior is inexcusable!

Contact the Torrance Democratic Club President and tell him to:

(310) 538-0245


  1. I am very disappointed in Jimmy Gow. He is a fellow Social Services Commissioner at the City of Torrance, and I asked him to please move the protest to the sidewalk as they were blocking the entrance of the VFW. He just smiled at me. I would have never done that to anyone, let alone a fellow Commissioner. First Amendment Rights are fine, but not when it disrupts and disrespects someone else's life or in this case, an event with Veterans. Shame on you Jimmy Gow.

  2. Do we really need another GOP club in the SOuth Bay? Don't we have enough already with BCR, Woman's Federated, Torrance-Lomita RA and others? What is this impact group bringing to the table that the other clubs don't? Whatever happened to "United We Stand and Divided we Fall"?