Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Election 2016: Let's Party

I am having a lot of fun this general election season!

It didn't start out that way, though!

I was so sad after Ted Cruz dropped out in May.

Keep in mind that he was not my first choice for President. I wanted Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Governor who beat down Big Labor and won.

The fight that beat down the public sector unions did not translate to the national front.

Too bad.

Walker's incredible record of reforms and Republican resurgence in an otherwise blue state were really captivating. After all, he won statewide election three times in four years.

Surely he could have flipped other blue states.

Trump brought a brazen, brass-knuckles ruckus to the debate and the campaign. Seventeen candidates divided the vote so keenly, and Trump's strong showing in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada sewed up his support very nicely.

Ted Cruz kept up a very strong fight. He did win Iowa, after all.

But when the junior US Senator could not win an all-out majority in his home state, everyone knew that this primary fight would be longer, more drawn-out than expected.

Ultimately, the New England and Mid-Atlantic states quashed Cruz' chances.

His brand of Southern-style, full-court conservatism without the down-to-earth populism would get Cruz nowhere.

It's too bad, but the most ardent of pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty activists have to work on gaining mainstream appeal without relying on ideological fervor.

Donald Trump has captured the widespread imagination of people normally uninterested in politics.

A candidate who talks about helping people to win again, who wants to Make America Great again, is going to resonate with the wide swath of voters who don't want to debate policy.

They just want to start winning again, and they want to prosper again.

I like Donald Trump.

He is resonating with me.

He is sounding more presidential.

He is taking on positions and connecting with key people who make him more trustworthy to the general electorate.

I never shied away from Trump because of his diverse, controversial remarks.

I never believed that he was a racist.

He certainly touched on issues that were not of direct concern to me. But these issues need to be faced:

1. Illegal immigration (the one issue of heated concern to me, but not in a visceral way, as there are many conservatives and immigration advocates who have lost loved ones to illegal aliens, or who have lost their jobs in competition with illegals)

2. International trade. I think that free markets do make free people. Other countries produce goods without honoring the freedom and natural integrity of individuals.

3. National Security. We need our President, our national government to care about We the People. We need our borders secure, and we need criminals to be afraid to commit crimes. We need domestic terrorists to feel terror from us!

Trump excites people.

He is brusk and bullish. We needed something like this in our country.

Today, I trust the man to do the job needed for this country.

Also ...

Look at Hillary Clinton. The woman is tanking right before our very eyes! She can't even keep up with her own crappy lies. She can't keep up with the other people around her. She no longer can depend on the corrupt and crappy marginalized media. Once considered to be an inevitable front-runner, she is now running into one snafu after the next, many of her own making.

Trump is gaining on her in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin ...

Yes, those three states are now swing states

The usual suspects, like Florida, Ohio, and Nevada, are already Trump territory.

I have never been so excited about a Presidential candidate and this is coming from someone who had lined up behind four other contenders.

This year is all about party time. This is a time for Republicans to celebrate!

I never thought I would say this, but I am glad that Trump is the GOP nominee!

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