Friday, September 30, 2016

Muratsuchi is “Shikata Ga Nai”--Deserves "Mura Hachibu"

Kaji makes a few key references to the Japanese language to describe the final responses which voters should give to Al Muratsuchi:

It’s too bad that Al hasn’t been forthright and honest with the State Democratic Party leadership. Maybe the party can save some funds for a more winnable race before it flushes million of dollars into a lost cause. Maybe Al has convinced the party that the whole Keiro issue has blown over and that a complacent Nikkei community will passively say “Shikata ga nai” and move on.

"Shikata Ga Nai"

No way!

What does “Shikata Ga Nai” mean?

Simple translations render this phrase: "It can't be helped" or "It is what it is."

But there is more to this phrase. From one former Japanese teacher on the misuse of this phrase:

Her objection was to the use of the phrase “shikata ga nai” in circumstances when it was in fact possible to do something. She argued that the phrase was tantamount to “I can’t be bothered” or “We just have to accept it.” It implied much greater passivity than the French phrase “je m’en fou” which suggests the English “I don’t give a damn about it” or “I couldn’t care less.”

For Al Muratsuchi, there was plenty that he could have done to:

1. Save Keiro from sale
2. Stop the flight of businesses and jobs out of the state
3. Protect public school students from bad teachers
4. Protect our environment
5. Save tax dollars.

Kaji further writes:

“Shikata ga nai” is overrated. Al has completely misread Nikkei anger over the Keiro tragedy. And now, Al is the target of our community’s “payback.”

Al failed to inform his political masters that he’s lost all credibility in the Japanese American community. Al chose political expediency over doing what was in the best interests of the most at-risk, frail and needy among us, the elderly.

He lost credibility the moment that he announced his first bid for state assembly as a Democrat.

Al lacks the moral courage and personal integrity to truly represent the people of the 66th Assembly District. He’s failed all of us both while serving in the Assembly and in the California Department of Justice.


In the same way that Al turned his back on all of us, we all have a duty and responsibility to the victims of the evacuation and the abandoned Nikkei seniors at the former Keiro.

Al Muratsuchi abandons those whose votes he needs to advance to the state assembly. He has no business serving in higher office. None. What did he do while serving on the Torrance School Board? What efforts did he follow through on to ensure a better uality of life for South Bay residents? Did he do anything to stop the abusive tax-and-spend state legislature in Sacramento?

Nothing. And his answer is: Shikata Ga Nai.

It’s now time for all of us to turn our backs on Al’s deeply flawed, cynical candidacy. Anyone who would betray his own people for political power does not deserve our votes or support.

In old Japan, there is a term called "mura hachibu" In the West, it’s called “shunning” or “ostracism.”

Sounds good to me.

In Japan, if the individual was guilty of a misdeed, all of the villagers would turn their backs on the individual. In effect, he no longer “existed.”

Muratsuchi's career no longer exists. It's time for the voters in the South Bay, regardless of their political or ethnic background, to treat Al Muratsuchi as if he never existed. He certainly acted that way, since he rarely showed up to public events, and in many cases was MIA all the way.

It’s time to deliver a Nikkei version of mura hachibu to Al. When you receive your absentee ballot, leave the box next to Muratsuchi blank and empty. Or, better yet, vote for David Hadley.

I opt for option two.

I am voting for David Hadley.

It's time for "Mura Hachibu" for Muratushi!

He doesn't shrug his shoulders at hardships. He faces conflicts. He champions reforms and solutions.

He visits constituents. He makes their concerns well-known in the state legislature. He is one of the most visible and accessible elected officials in the state of California.

And he needs your help and mine.

On November 8th, vote for David Hadley, and let us turn our backs on the corrupt, incompetent, and cynical politicking of Al ""Shikata Ga Nai" Muratsuchi.

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