Sunday, September 18, 2016

DCCC in Full Panic Mode: "Ohio is Going to Trump!"

Hillary Clinton is a terrible candidate.

She is a terrible campaigner.

She has no character.

She is the female, Democratic version of Mitt Romney.

Severely liberal, or progressive, or moderate, or whatever she wants to call herself to win another vote.

And those votes are falling away from her faster than she can count them slipping away.

Here's the latest eblast I received:

Nate Silver: 6O% chance Ohio goes for Trump

We’re on red alert.

Nate Silver just put must-win Ohio in Trump’s column.

This is dire. It could send Trump to the White House.

We’ve never needed our grassroots supporters more than in this moment. We’re desperate.

We need $2OO,OOO in the 5O-Days Out Fund before tomorrow to have a hope of beating Trump and his Republicans.




Democratic chances for winning the Presidency went from bad to worse!

Much worse.

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