Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Young Turks (Inadvertently) Make the Case for Trump for President

I must say, the Young Turks, or better referenced as "The Dumb Jerks" are honest and open about their deplorable statist liberalism.

They hate Donald Trump, the despise Republicans, and they love to mock anything that promotes pro-life, pro-family values. They will do just about anything to shame people right of center.

Another video attacking Trump and promoting Mexico inadvertently promotes Trump, particularly when it comes to immigration, an issue which has inflamed voters across the country.

The two anchors Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian wanted to praise the Mexican government for trying to play hardball with Donald Trump.

A Mexican senator was furious with Mexican Pesident Nieto inviting Donald Trump for a visit then a press conference.

This official, Aramando Rios Piter, has threatened Trump with the following.

If he beccomes President, and wants to rip trade deals with Mexico, then he would push a bill which would allow the Mexico to review and even rescind other contractual agreements with the United States.

One example Piter cited? The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, in which the United States purchased the Mexican Cession--territorty which turned into California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico--for $40 million.

This logic is beyond nonsense.

This purchase was actually that--an exchange of land for money.

There is no comparison between that treaty and a review and revision of NAFTA.

Cenk Uygur then joked that we would all become Mexicans, especially in California.

Of course, the Democratic political class is committed to turning California into a sanctuary state for illegal aliens, who then become Democratic voters keeping the corrupt little fiefdoms of liberals in power.

But then Uygur admitted:

"I prefer to be an American. That's why my parents immigrated here. I will stay an American."

No kidding!

The liberal Dumb Jerks admit that they prefer the benefits of American citizenship.

Those precious rights are under attack right now, and open borders policies are making it worse.

Donald Trump has risen to front-runner status without stopping or stepping back precisely because his message resonates with the no-longer silent majority fed up with politically connected elites.

These very elites don't care about open borders, depressed wages, bad jobs, health scares, and national security problems because they live far away from these damaging consequences in gated communities. They can afford expensive schools and top-tier security personnel to protect themselves. They also rely on their close collusion with government officials, elected representatives, and colluding interest groups to promote their own chances.

The Young Turks want to mock Donald Trump, but at the same time they prize their citizenship status.


Then they claim Trump's push to deport illegal aliens would trigger a mass deportation of Americans living in Mexico.

One issue that these dumb jerks ignore. While the 11 million illegal aliens are in the United States -- illegally -- those one million Americans in Mexico live in that country LEGALLY!

These liberal wannabe media goons hang themselves with every word.

Really, if you want to understand why young people are initially so liberal (as well as incoherent), watch five minutes of the Young Turks!

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