Saturday, September 10, 2016

Green Party Candidate Jill Goes to Jail?

Election 2016 is a panoply of choices, or a perverse display of the impala-table.

Who will you vote for to be the next President of the United States?

There's Donald Trump.

There's Hillary Clinton.

For the voters who don't like the major party candidates, there are two other stranger than fiction candidates trying to break into the mainstream.

Libertarian Gary Johnson thinks he has a real shot, especially because #NeverTrump want to hang their hopes on someone with limited government chops. Will Gary Johnson make the grade? Not to me, and not to many more. He supports a carbon tax. Yes. He also agrees with Barack Obama's executive amnesty, and he has no qualms about locking up people of faith who refuse to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual wedding.

Whatever happened to the non-aggression principle essential to libertarian thinking?

The Libertarian Party faithful believe that the Johnson-Weld ticket was another triumph of Establishment political pragmatism over people and principle. Their suspicions are justified.

Not a libertarian? Like the idea of more government as a ballast for spreading more "wealth"?

Maybe you should vote for Jill Stein, the Green Party uber-socialist former medical doctor from Boston.

She has a strong albeit limited following, on social media as well as on the ground.

California Berniecrats will not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances. They joined the Bernie Revolution, and they are not uitting even after he sold out and endorsed Hillary Clinton for President, even after the Wikileaks revelations exposed the corruption of the DNC swaying the primary to Madam Hillary.

Jill Stein is Big Green writ large.

She is a full on eco-socialist. She cares about the animals, as if they are real people.

Obamacare is not good enough. She wants a single-payer healthcare system, just like the failing fatal bureaucracy in Great Britain. She wants labor unions to have all the power and fun, but businesses and rich people must pay more of their fair share. Lesson to be learned: if they are paying their fair share, haven't they paid enough?

She issued a press release in memory of Harambe, a gorilla who was shot in order to protect a young child who fell into a zoo compound.

Her campaign flight took her to the wrong city for an event. Ouch!

Then she protested the construction of a pipeline in North Dakota. The native tribes protested, blocked the construction of the line. Presidential candidate Jill Stein and her running mate also joined the fight, blasting the liberal establishment which refused to do anything. They allegedly tampered with drilling equipment, and now there's a warrant for their arrest.

She's even fundraising off the warrant for her arrest!

Here's her latest eblast to supporters:

Jill 2016

For Principled Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Dear Arthur,

URGENT! We want you to be the first to know -- warrants of arrest have been issued against Jill and Ajamu for their courageous act of solidarity at the Dakota Pipeline protests.

If there are warrants for her arrest, then their protest was not peaceful, was it?

Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier of Morton county in South [sic] Dakota, is charging them with trespassing and criminal mischief.

And for what? For their commitment to defend the planet and stand in solidarity with the struggle of the Sioux people? For standing with those who are defending their rights to clean water and sacred burial grounds?

There is nothing wrong with defending the planet, but your right to defense cannot offend the natural rights of others.

If we did not have human beings, there would be no moral imperative from anyone anywhere to care for the planet.

Today, we need your help.

Will you support Jill and Ajamu today with a protest donation of $49? Make your voice heard - we need to fight back and we won’t be silenced!

Will this donation help the Jill Stein campaign, or will it go toward their bail or court representation?

How does the act of Jill and Ajamu’s peaceful civil disobedience compare to the crimes being committed by the fossil fuel industry - threatening the water of millions and using dog and pepper spray attacks on peaceful protectors of the land.

What are the crimes that the fossil fuel people are doing? 

I wonder if Green activists ask themselves questions about the earth and its resources. Should human beings forgo all innovations and just settle for living in caves? Why does the earth contain so many blessings which human beings can use? All of these wonders do not exist just to be admired:

"The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD'S: but the earth hath he given to the children of men." (Psalm 115:16)

God made this beautiful earth for us!

As far as I know, the Green Party and its people are agnostic or atheist. Where do they think the earth came from? Does it just exist? Or was it created? The "Mother Earth" rhetoric suggests deification of the planet.

Sheriff Kirchmeier should be charging the oil company with crimes, not the protectors. In a recent statement to the press the sheriff was even quoted as saying, “We must do everything we can to marginalize these protestors.”

What crimes have the oil companies committed? Is there something wrong with making money?

This kind of corruption and double standard exposes the class interests and political interests of the state once again. Will you give a protest donation $49 today and help us today?

Excuse me, but the company that was building the pipeline was not breaking the law.

Jill and Ajamu allegedly did.

During the event, Jill had this to say:

“We are facing a climate emergency that requires us to halt any further investment in fossil fuel infrastructure, and instead to transition to 100% clean energy as soon as possible,” stated Stein.

So, the rhetoric has gone from global warming to climate change, and is now "Climate Emergency."

Cal 911!

The earth is not facing an emergency. Human kind is in a crisis, with radical Islam striking at the West and attacking natural rights. Liberty and equality based on opportunity are under unprecedented attack in our world, too.

Certainly one would think that the world can take care of itself, right?

She added “North Dakota authorities should be pressing charges against the real vandalism taking place at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation -- bulldozing sacred burial sites, unleashing vicious attack dogs, endangering drinking water and pushing us toward climate meltdown."

Wait -- is it North or South Dakota? Get your geography straight, there, Jill!

Energy Transfer is the name of the oil company responsible for the Dakota Access Pipeline, and apparently, our campaign is giving them a big headache.

It’s apparent because they seem to be collaborating with their cronies at the state level - pulling out all the stops to issue arrest warrants for Jill and Ajamu!

We are the thorn in their side, the rock in their shoe - and glad to be.

What about the rule of law? Doesn't that matter? In countries where lawlessness and big government corruption are the norm, do you think those dictators care about the environment? Not a chance!

As Ajamu Baraka, our vice presidential candidate, said:

“Our campaign is all about standing up to the rich and powerful who believe in their right to exploit the rest of the planet’s beings and resources for their own profit. The state should be prosecuting the crimes of threatening the water of millions and the attacks on peaceful protestors.”

The political revolution continues here. We will not stand by and watch the destruction of our planet and the brutal treatment of our First Nation brothers and sisters.

That key word "revolution" stood out.

Hundreds of thousands are joining us. Will you?

Let's give the fossil fuel industry a run for their money. Please stand with us today with your protest donation and help us put people, peace, and the planet over profits!

If you don’t, who will? As we say... it's in our hands!

Jill's been arrested before

Make your voice heard by donating today!

P.S. The Stein/Baraka campaign will not stand for this criminal behavior from the oil companies. The fossil fuel industry is going to hear our voices loud and clear. Will you join us and let your voice be heard too?

Again, what crime have they committed?

P.P.S. By standing in unconditional solidarity with them in this fight, Jill and Ajamu are standing strong for our very collective survival. Will you stand with Jill and Ajamu as they fight to protect the earth and stand in full solidarity with Native People in their struggle for justice?

Final Reflection

I still did not get any information from this eblast as to what crime the oil companies have committed.

Jill and Amaju were breaking the law by tampering with equipment at the drilling, pipe-laying site.

Jill Stein is now wanted by the federal authorities!

This rap sheet adds to Hillary Clinton's misuse of emails, classified information, the deaths of four diplomats at the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya.

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