Sunday, September 4, 2016

McMullin's Desperation: "Trump is a Bully"

Evan McMullin is the last-ditch attempt by self-satisfied media conservatives who don't like Donald Trump.

I don't think he has made it onto every state's general election ballot.

Now he's resorting to the same bully talk.

A last ditch attempt at relevance, perhaps?

From Day One, I’ve been clear that this campaign is not about me. I never aspired to be president, and I’m not a politician. I’m just an American who, like millions of others, had hoped this year would bring us better nominees who could offer compelling visions of a better future.

If you never wanted to be President, then why are you running?

When it was clear none would emerge, I decided to stand up. It’s never too late to do the right thing, and I just couldn’t stand knowing I didn’t do everything I could. That’s why I’m running for president.

Excuse me? We have four candidates which are vying for national appeal.

But even before I got into this race, there were true conservatives who were already standing up and speaking truth to power in their own party. They were #NeverTrump before it was a hashtag, and even as he secured the nomination they’ve never wavered in their conviction that he is unfit to be president. These American patriots are our nation’s best leaders, and the way that they’ve held to their principles in the face of tremendous pressure should never be forgotten.

Never Trump needs to wake up or shut up.

Individuals are entitled to vote or not to vote.

They are entitled to sit down and shut up, or step up and put forth their disdain for the Republican nominee.

But this idea that NeverTrump will lead to a better, more conservative candidate is not true.

Donald Trump is the one candidate with the best chance of bring conservative policies to Washington D.C. and for the entire country.

Men and women are entitled not to vote for Trump, but do not think that sitting out the election or voting for Gary Johnson is a vote for a more conservative alternative.

But Donald Trump is a weak, fragile, and petulant man who cannot stomach dissent or criticism. Even as he promises to be a “uniter” who will bring the country together, he lashes out against leaders within his own party — courageous, principled conservatives like Arizona Senator Jeff Flake.

First of all, Donald Trump had every right to castigate Flake.

This U.S. Senator has caved and waffled on principle too many times.

He has refused to take strong stances against Obama's federalized bullying. He wants to be a deal-maker of a centrist sort, and these pragmatic "compromises" are hurting the country.

He wants immigration "reform". Need I say more?

Lots of people in Arizona and around the country don't like Flake. Conservative activists in the Grand Canyon State find him to be a half-worthy representative.

I reject Trump’s attacks on Senator Flake, and I hope you’ll join me showing the senator that we’ve got his back by making a donation to his campaign. We need to rally around our best leaders, not berate them, and no one aspiring to the presidency of the United States should use their position to bully or demean their fellow Americans.

I do not reject Trump's attacks. The junior U.S. Senator should not be attacking the nominee in such a brazen fashion, especially within days of his historic visit to the state. Flake planned his destructive remarks to mar his appearance there.

This election isn’t about me, and at this point it isn’t just about who will sit in the Oval Office in January. It’s about the character of our nation: who we are and who we aspire to be. I refuse to accept a bully president, and that’s why I think it’s so important that we not only defeat Donald Trump in November but that we stand up, every day, to his unacceptable attacks on our nation’s most courageous leaders. I’m glad to know I can count on you to stand with me.

The character of our national will be irrevocably changed if unfettered mass migration does not stop. If our leaders refuse to put the needs of Americans first, it won't matter who's President, or who's in Congress. Families in their cities and counties are hurting.

They want leadership, and they want leadership which cares about their needs.

Donald Trump has presented this best foot forward for everyone.

Mr. McMullin, it't time to hang up the hat. You don't have a flake's chance in a bowl of cereal.

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