Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stand with the Mexican People: Protest Same-Sex "Marriage" at Mexican Consulates on September 24, 2016

Dear California MassResistance Members/Pro-Family Activists:

The fight against the homosexual agenda is going world-wide.

In Australia, the people are rising up against the liberal government that wants to impose this unnatural redefinition of marriage.

In Mexico, citizens throughout the country have protested in the streets and pressured their lawmakers to reject same-sex marriage and respect the natural definition and boundaries of the family.

The particular pro-family group---"Frente Nacional por la Familia" (National Front for the Family)—will be staging pro-family protests in Mexico City, the seat of the national government, on September 24th 2016 at 12:00pm noon Pacific Time.

MassResistance groups all over the country will be gathering in front of Mexican consulates to show their solidarity with the Mexican people and their strong support for life, biology, the family, and natural marriage.

I am strongly urging you to demonstrate/protest at a Mexican consulate near you at the same time September 24th 2016 at 12:00pm noon Pacific Time.

If you live in Southern California, please join me at the Mexican Consulate of Los Angeles:

Time: Saturday, September 24th
11:45am for the rally to start 12:00pm
Location: 2401 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90057

(On the corner of Park View St. and 6th St., right across the street from the Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty Park)

I am going to lead a carpool from 21171 South Western Ave., Torrance, CA 90503
If you want to carpool with me from this location (meet at the part of paring circled in red), then be there on Saturday, September 24th, 2016 at 11am.

Once you arrive at the Mexican consulate, parking is available on the streets, for $1 an hour. Some parking spots have a two hour limit. Others have a four hour limit.

A parking garage is located on 611 South Carondelet Street, with parking at $8 for the entire day.
I will bring California MassResistance Signs and also Frente Nacional por la Familia signs.

Please feel free to make and bring other signs like “We support the Mexican People” or “We support Marriage for one man and one woman” are acceptable, too.

You can also take the attached files for the above logos and print them, too.

Contact me if you have any questions, including where to find a Mexican consulate near you:
(310) 793-8647

Thank you for your help in this fight to stop the destructive, globalist homosexual agenda.

Arthur Schaper,
Director, California MassResistance

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