Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trans-insanity in the South Bay

Trasngenderism is a mental disorder.

Stating this truth is not hate speech.

This is biology.

This is fact.

And facts do not care about feelings.

We cannot be guided by misguided sentiments, or the aggressive LGBT agenda which has neither caring nor regard for the truth.

It is truly disturbing to see so much over-attention given over to this new perversion.

And to see children being trapped into this insanity is very disturbing.

This article was particularly offensive and disheartening:

How a South Bay transgender advocate is making change in the workplace

Carolyn Weiss vividly recalls the nerve-racking moment she stood in front of a group of 85 colleagues who only had known her as a man.

"She" is still a he. Give me a break.

The South Bay resident had come out as transgender to her wife and teenage son a year earlier, but had not yet begun to change outwardly. She gathered her co-workers to let them know she would soon be transitioning.

Weiss recounted to the crowd the conversation with her family members — the most difficult of her life — and took an emotional pause, turning around to reach for a glass of water.

When she faced the room again, the audience had risen to its feet with applause.
“It was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced,” recalled Weiss, now 62 and retired from a 32-year career working for the city of Los Angeles.
She chuckled when she remembered one of the questions that came from the crowd during a Q&A session that followed.

“One of my buddies from my old division who’s a big sports fan, he raised his hand and said, ‘Can I ask something? Can we still talk about sports?’” Weiss laughed. “I said, ‘Yeah, you know, just because I’m transitioning into female doesn’t mean I’m gonna lose interest in everything else.’”


As a moderator of a support and suicide prevention website for transgender people — individuals who identify as a gender different than the one they were assigned at birth — Weiss knew her experience coming out to her co-workers that morning in 2010 wasn’t common.
Over the years, she knew of only one or two city employees who each transitioned quietly, and heard about one in another department who was harassed.

Weiss spent a year crafting a plan to transition on the job with her HR manager and Drian Juarez, the head of the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project.

How about we empower reality?

How about empowering men and women to be comfortable with the parts and the genetics which they are born with?

Where are getting this political insanity from, which forces the rest of the world to accommodate the mental delusions of barely one-half of one percent of the country?

“We wanted to put together something that would be a framework for the future,” Weiss said. “That’s why I wanted to transition at work. I was eligible for retirement, I could’ve just left and then transitioned, but I wanted to stay to help other people who might follow me.”


I wonder if this man pretending to be a woman got a pension boost for pretending to be a woman ...

It didn’t take long for Weiss to combine her transgender advocacy with her passion for working with business owners, something she developed during her 12 years at Los Angeles’ Community Development Department.

His! His! His! I do not care how many times he wears a dress, or puts fake breasts, lashes, and other effeminate objects on himself, he is still a he.

Can we please stop accommodating this immoral insanity?

She began giving “Trans 101” presentations to career centers, chambers of commerce and medical students at USC, serving on the city of West Hollywood’s Transgender Advisory Board.
In March, Weiss launched her own consulting practice, Transgender Business Services, offering trainings to help managers throughout Southern California ensure their workplaces are supportive for transgender employees, clients and visitors.

So now we see what is really going on her. He is cashing in on the latest social justice warrior craze. Nothing more.

What a greedy establishment fraud.

She provides guidance on everything from fostering welcoming office environments and writing employee handbooks, to working with staff on interactions with customers.

“I think because, especially in places like California and on the East Coast, trans people are getting more protections, they find it a little easier,” Weiss said of transitioning on the job today. “I think there’s a little less fear than there used to be, but that doesn’t mean the fear is gone away.”

This is "Carol" Weiss.
He is a he. DEAL WITH IT!

Trans people? How about planes, trains, and automobiles?


A recent study by the UCLA Williams Institute found there are 1.4 million transgender people in the United States — twice as many as previously thought. And, according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, transgender women made up 55 percent of LGBT homicide victims in 2014.

Well, let's see--a man dresses up as a woman then walks into a bathroom filled with real woman.

How do you think they are going to react?


Ninety percent of transgender people who responded to a national survey reported experiencing harassment, mistreatment or discrimination on the job, and one in four said they lost their jobs because they are transgender.

Of they are being discriminated against! They are embracing a mental disorder.

No one should have to put up with that.

One man wanted to pretend to be a woman and work as a funeral director in Michigan. The employer reuired him--yes, him!--to wear the customary mens' apparel while working there.

He refuse, and sued -- and lost!

I am sure that he is calling that "discrimination."

Well, deal with it!

Transgender people also are twice as likely to face unemployment and four times as likely to face poverty, according to the report.

This matter identifies the fact that they are struggling with deeper mental and emotional problems.

Why does everyong insist on ignoring this? They have problems which need to be addressed. They do not need to pretend that the are women when they are born to be men, or vice versa.

This delusion is become dangerous even fatal for these individuals.

Our country, our government needs to stop appropriating these distortions of male and female.

This political correctness is biologically incorrect.

What about a comfortable enviroment
for everyone else?

And destructive.

The rates are even higher for transgender people of color.

Victimhood is the new black, or orange, or whatever.

Is this the example of life and direction we want to impart to the next generation, to teach them to view themselves as chronic victims with no control over the lives, the opportunities, their successes?


Recently, Weiss partnered with ZipMart, a company that develops e-learning courses, to create digital versions of her trainings.

“It’s one thing to train a manager and then hope that trickles down, but to be able to talk kind of one on one with the staff, that’s where the real change happens,” Weiss said.

Managers need to recognize all forms of discrimination transgender workers can experience, Weiss said, and not just overt ones. That could be anything from purposefully not using proper pronouns, to making jokes in the break room.


It's time for more discrimination against people who embrace mental disturbances and want to turn these destructive behaviors into a civil right.

And, she said, it’s important to never assume there aren’t transgender people in your workplace.

“You can’t say, ‘Well, I’m a truck driver, I don’t work with a trans person.’ Sorry, but I know at least half a dozen personally who are long-distance truck drivers,” Weiss said, adding that change happens when allies call out transphobia at work.

"Transphobia?" These tranny activists are reality-phobes.

They are truth-phobes.

They need a transmission adjustment in their minds and souls.

“It’s always been my belief that the reason there is so much hostility and fear and misunderstanding about trans people is because they’ve never met a trans person, so all they hear is what other people say or they see caricatures on TV,” Weiss said. “That’s not who we are. I am not a caricature.”

No, there is no fear, there is revulsion.

What are they really afraid of, these mentally ill individuals who need help? Why are they afraid to rest and be comfortable with their genetic endowments? Why are they ashamed to be men and women?

This lady looks like a due!
He is one!

For more information about Carolyn Weiss’ consulting services, visit

Final Reflection

This is crazy.

This is Trans Insanity.

PLEASE, people, can we not get out of our politically correct safe spaces and just speak the truth?!

Let's not hold back from stating the obvious.

This transgenderism is dangerous and destructive, and now we have malevolent elements who are profiting from it!

Shame on them!

Shame on him! (YES, I wrote HIM!)

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