Sunday, September 18, 2016

Pro-America Pat Toomey vs. Sanders' Socialist Surrogate

George Will figured it out -- and  right now, I do not agree with the Washington Post Beltway conservative on many issues now.

Pat Toomey is the Key(Stone) to Republican control of the United States Senate.

I have the utmost respect for this man. He has by and large hewed a conservative pathway for himself. He has stated on national television that he would favor a government shut-down if that's what it would take to stop the insane spending spree. He is an honest lawmaker who kept his promise while serving in the House of Representative to honor his own self-imposed term limits.

He headed the pro-fiscal conservative finance group Club for Growth.

Then he ran for US Senate in 2010. He defeated an incumbent GOP turncoat (well, Specter actually lost in the Democratic Primary), then bested the out-of-touch liberal Congressman Joe Sestak.

Still, Toomey barely won, 51-49.

That was 2010, the Tea Party wave which brought Republican into incredible prominence in blue states across the country. This is 2016, and a larger wave of Democratic voters may doom Toomey's re-election bid.

Or not ...

In his latest eblast to supporters, Toomey signals what kind of Democrat Katie McGinty really is:

Weekend at Bernie Sanders

"Our job is to elect Katie. Our job is to elect Hillary Clinton. Our job is to do more than that. Our job is to transform the United States of America,"
— Bernie Sanders 9/16/16 in Pittsburgh

Does this not say it all? Weekend at Bernie Sanders is stumping for tax-and-spend McGinty.

The socialist wanted to raise taxes on every American in the vain attempt to offer socialized medicine to the masses. He believes that the rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer, but refuses to acknowledge that the growth of the federal government and cronyist connections among bureaucrats and Big Business have widened this disparity.

Let's hope that Pennsylvania workers wake up and reject Socialist McGinty.

Last night, my opponent, Katie McGinty, took the stage with another one of Washington's most liberal Senators, Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is an honest-to-goodness, self-described socialist and today, Katie McGinty is showing support for Sanders' brand of far-left extremism that includes abolishing the CIA, supporting Fidel Castro's communism, and raising taxes by $15 trillion.

Raising taxes by $15 trillion! Where do these liberals think the money will come from? Major corporations are already fleeing the United States for other countries more hospitable to investment and profit. Do the Democrats want to drive everyone into abject poverty?

A liberal Senate led by Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Katie McGinty is terrifying. That's why this race is so important. It goes far beyond just Pennsylvania. The outcome of this race affects every American.

Toomey's efforts on behalf of every American should strike a cord for every voter. He cares about everyone, not just his constituents in Pennsylvania, and he has demonstrated tremendous respect and caring for his constituents for the past five years.

Arthur, now that Bernie has officially entered this race, I'm going to need your support now more than ever. Can I count on you?

Arthur, let me ask you; do you support Bernie Sanders' self-declared socialist values?
  • Do you support socialism in America?
  • Do you support abolishing the CIA? Cutting the military budget in half?
  • Do you see the "positives" of Fidel Castro's communist Cuba?
  • Do you think Congress should raise taxes by $15 trillion
I think it's safe to assume that you do not.

Absolutely not. Notice that Toomey is emphasizing the same issues which have driven Donald Trump's campaign.

Arthur Christopher, if you don't want to see a transformation of America towards Bernie's far-left agenda, I need your support.

I know I've asked so much of you over the last few weeks. Asking supporters for money is never easy, but I am counting on conservatives like you to make sure my race has the resources to put up ads, reach out to voters, go door-to-door, and train volunteers.

Washington Democrats, liberal Super PACs, and leftist special interest groups have already spent tens of millions of dollars to buy my seat. Now two of the most famous leaders from the extreme progressive wing of the Democratic Party are rallying their most dedicated followers behind Katie McGinty.

They all know that my race will decide who controls the entire Senate next year. If you believe that the Senate is better in the hands of conservatives than the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, please send $25, $50, $100, or whatever you can.

Final Reflection

Let's state the obvious.

So much about Election 2016 hinges on Pennsylvania.

Pat Toomey fights for Pennsylvania ... and all of us!

It's time for the coal workers and miners of the Keystone State to stand up to left-wing socialist bullies in Washington DC who want to put them all out of work. Pennsylvania residents should realize that their best interests lie with the Republican Party, an organization which has looked out for the best interests of all workers, all families.

Toomey is pro-life. 

Toomey is pro-growth.

He is pro-Pennsylvania.

He needs all of our support!

To the voters of Pennsylvania, I implore to vote for the candidate who will do what is best for your state and your country:

Pat Toomey for US Senate!

Vote for Pat Toomey for US Senate!

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