Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Crooked Aunt Janice Faces Campaign Violations

Congresswoman Janice Hahn
aka Aunt Janice
Guess who's back? 

Back again?

Guess who's back? Guess who's back ... !!

Janice Hahn. aka Aunt Janice.

Her daddy was a city councilman, then a member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

Those were good days, when the majority of LABOS was Republican, including the now retiring Mike Antonovich.

If Daddy Hahn was such a big shot, why couldn't the kids run for office too?

And run they did.

Uncle Jim served as City Attorney then Mayor, and is now a judge in Santa Monica.

What about Aunt Janice?

First, she came for Congress.

Of course, she was always seeking for higher office.

She has been a political rent seeker since -- who knows when.

She ran for Congress in 1998, and lost to the Republican Steve Kuykendall.

Pretty embarrassing, I think!

Then she ran for City Council after Rudy Svorinich stepped down because of term limits.

(Go Rudy!)

LA City voters then extended term limits to three terms, and Aunt Janice was home free.

Then in 2011, Congresswoman Jane Harman announces her retirement, and Hahn announces her bid for Congress.

Oh brother.

Yes, Aunt Janice was my Congresswoman ... for about five minutes.

When does the liberal lunacy stop in the South Bay? This region was home to some of the biggest Republicans and brightest conservative stars. We need to restore the brand ASAP!

Janice Hahn ran for Congress in a different district, keeping her base of operations in San Pedro. Laura Richardson ended up fighting for the same seat. Hahn restored to the same dirty LA City machine political tricks her liberal kin have fallen back on decade after decade. Some posters even indicated that Hahn supporters were labeling Laura Richardson a Republican.


She trounced Auntie Laura by double digits, although Richardson lost more than Janice Hahn won. Richardson had foreclosed on key properties while serving (herself) in the state assembly, then got hit with ethical fines during her tenure in Congress.

She was bad news from the get-go, and she needed to pushed out of politics ASAP.

Aunt Janice loves to play to the cameras. She wants everyone to see how active she is in helping her community.


Here she is standing in front of the cameras just before her make-shift gun-control sit-in in San Pedro.

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If she really cared about protecting her constituents, then she ought to allow more of them to have firearms.

But of course, she wasn't interested in listening to points of view from other people. She wanted a nice photo-op to assist her in her bid for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

If you haven't hear, Aunt Janice is tired of Congress. She is tired of the gridlock.

Really, she is tired of the lack of "bi-partisanship", which basically means the fact that Democrats are a diminished minority in the House of Representatives and can't get anything done without Republicans' permission and blessing.

She doesn't like that. As a life-long liberal California Democrat, she is not used to listening to anyone with a different point of view. And Republicans? She has never heard of them.

Janice Hahn was elected to Congress with token opposition in 2014.

Yet within five months, she announced her bid for LA County Board of Supervisors. Why? Don Knabe is termed-out in 2016. He has to go, even though he has served on the LABOS since 1996.
Now is Aunt Janice's chance.

She wants to sit in Daddy's chair!

She even admitted that she is running on Kenneth Hahn's legacy for the office,
This is America. This is not medieval Europe.

Whatever happened to electing people based on merit, not maternal or paternal lineage?
And now, Aunt Janice is getting in trouble.

She thinks that she is above the law, that she does not have to comply with campaign finance laws.

But even the Los Angeles Times could not ignore her blatant corruption:
Show me the money!! (But don't let the FPPC find out!)

In the Aug. 10 letter, County Registrar Dean Logan wrote that Hahn had exceeded the county's cap on the total amount a campaign committee may accept from political action committees, which is $150,000 per election. From Jan. 1, 2015, through June 30, 2016, Hahn’s campaign received $439,619 from political action committees, the registrar said.

Neither could CBS News:

Even the Daily Breeze, which endorsed her, listed the violation:

Hahn’s campaigns for the primary and general election report a total PAC contribution of $439,619, amounting to $139,619 over the combined limit of $150,000 for each election.

Hahn’s opponent in the Nov. 8 election, former Manhattan Beach Councilman Steve Napolitano, seized on Hahn’s apparent campaign violation Wednesday.

“It’s not fair to the voters and it’s not right,” said Napolitano, an aide to outgoing county Supervisor Don Knabe, in a telephone interview. “If she’d won in June, it would have been by using hundreds of thousands of dollars of improper campaign contributions from special interests.”

NO! It's my money! MINE!

Aunt Janice! What would your father say?!

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