Saturday, September 17, 2016

Beach Cities Republicans: September 15th, 2016

The next Beach Cities Republicans meeting came upon us more quickly than expected.

When the month begins on a Thursdays, it seems as the BCR board has very little time to get ready for the next meeting.

But no matter.

Craig Huey
We were privileged to have Craig Huey, the President of Election Forum and The Huey Report, as our guest speaker to discuss the Election 2016 general ballot.

Sometimes, our team fears that there were won't be an effective turnout to match the prestige of our guest speakers. On the other hand, it's good to know that lots of activists in the South Bay want to speak to our group!

I got to the meeting a half hour before the no-host dinner.

Huey had worked hard to inform readers of his two newsletters about his upcoming Election Forum.

All told, about 100 people attended the meeting!

It was great!

There is so much information to go over for this year's ballot.

Seventeen propositions, with some of the most confusing statutes--and deceptive  titles--plus the candidates for different races all over the South Bay, Craig had a lot of information to review.

Before the forum, I got to make a few well-placed announcements!

Latinos Por Trump will be speaking to the Beach Cities Republicans in October. This final meeting before the November elections will give a lot of conservatives on the fence  more time to learn about the GOP nominee. One conservative Trump supporter in Cerritos has pledged to drive a van full of Latinos to the meeting to celebrate our support for Trump and help him get elected.

Americans are coming together to help Make America Great Again!

I also talked about Trump's rising poll numbers in key swing states. He is blowing Hillary Clinton out of the water, as her penchant for pathological lying and pathologies in her body expose who she truly is.

Oh ... and did you know that scientists named a parasite after Barack Obama? They also named a spider and an extinct dinosaur after him, too!

How apropos!

We had one guest speaker, Martha Flores-Gibson, who is running for State Assembly against incumbent Patrick O'Donnell, the same representative who ran away from California MassResistance and refused to explain his Aye vote for SB1146.

FacebookLive gave me an opportunity to record Craig's presentation.

Click here to watch it.

This BCR meeting was one of the longest we've had this year, but it was one of the most informative.

Two candidates for office attended the meeting, including deputy prosecutor Steve Schreiner, who is running for LA County Superior Court judge.

This was a great meeting, and we intend to see more Republicans coming out to support their fellow candidates and ensure our expanding brand!

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