Thursday, September 1, 2016

Democratic Chances of Retaking the U.S. Senate? A Weak 56%

As soon as Election 2014 was over, I looked over the minefield of obstacles facing the U.S. Senate Republican Majority.

They would have more seats to defend in 2016, no uestion about it.

The Republicans gained six seats in 2010 through the Tea Party Wave!

A number of seats were in swing states, swing districts.

But for greater intents and purposes, I predicted a GOP hold.

Republicans can lose three seats if they do not win the White House, or they can lose four if the Republican becomes President.

Complicating matters a little bit for Democrats?

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is retiring at long lost.

Congressman Joe Heck has been running a strong, active campaign against Reid's hand-picked successor. The race is neck-and-neck, but the right upswing helping the Republican ticket in a state where Republicans hold the legislative trifecta, and where Democrats are in growing disarray, will help Heck a heck of a lot.

So, Republicans can lose four seats if they gain Nevada, or five if they also gain the White House.

Current research, coming from the liberal, pro-Hillary rag the New York Times is not giving the Democratic Party the brightest of forecasts, either.

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, writing for, shared the following:

The New York Times says that we have a 56% chance of taking back the Senate on Election Day.1 I’d call those roll-up-your-sleeves fighting odds, wouldn’t you?

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves with me, can you chip in just $2.70 right now to expand MoveOn’s on-the-ground efforts in eight battleground states—including seven with key Senate races we can win?

I submit that 56% is not very good odds, considering that this is a Presidential Election year, and Hillary Clinton was supposed to be a huge draw of new voters to the ballot box on Election Day.

More uber-liberal voters are saying "Never Hillary" as well as "Never Trump", and may never vote.

Democrats who stay home ensure that Republicans stay in the majority.

It's just now September, Election Day is 70 days away, and the Democrats have only a 56% chance of retaking the U.S. Senate?


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  1. The so-called Republican majority is weak, lots of Rinos in the equation. How else do you explain the repeated horrible capitulations to "Obama," the budget-busting deficit votes, the crazy appointments confirmed, the lack of backbone to even say anything against repeated "unconstitutional "Obama" admin actions?