Sunday, September 11, 2016

California MassResistance Confronts Pro-LGBT Patrick O'Donnell Over SB 1146--Guess How He Reacted!

California is turning into Ground Zero for corrupt Democratic lawmakers to undo our First Amendment rights and push the destructive homosexual agenda onto every facet of our society.

The behaviors cannot be classified as normative. The agenda is an all-out assault on individual liberty. Voters need to wake up and demand that Governor Brown reject this terrible legislation before it becomes law.

California MassResistance fought for three months to stop SB 1146.

In its original form, that piece of legislation would have severely restricted the First Amendment rights of Christian colleges and their students.

Christian colleges would be limited in their Title IX exemptions.

Students who identify as LGBT would be permitted to sue these colleges for discrimination.

Students enrolling at these schools would have also lost their CalGrants, which would have forbidden low-income students, including minority students, from attending these Christian colleges.

Thankfully, pressure from Christian colleges, interest groups, and pro-family activists like California MassResistance.

But the bill's principal author, Ricardo Lara, was not going to give up fighting for as much as he could to appease the homosexual lobby.

Two key components of the bill mandated a report to the state following the expulsion of a student for violating the moral code of the college.

The other component imposed an extravagant reporting requirement for the bill.

Unreal. After further vetting and review, the reporting requirement was stripped out, because it violated federal law.

The last portion remained, and the bill passed through the legislature and now sits on the governor's desk.

California MassResistance decided to pay Assemblyman O'Donnell (D-Long Beach) a visit, since he decided to vote for that terrible bill.

He held a Meet-n-Greet at Marine Stadium park in Long Beach.

Here is the flyer for the event:

Notice that this event is a Meet-n-Greet.

Members of California MassResistance were expecting to meet and greet, and share our frustration about bills which he voted for.

Including SB 1146.

Here's the video of our attempted meeting with Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell.

We waited for about fifteen minutes in line to speak with the Assemblyman.

Instead of talking to us, he spent a lot of time talking to other people.

Clearly, O'Donnell promoted this event to reach out to the rest of the Long Beach community.

Lots of couples, families, and passers-by stopped to hear a cover band play some old favorites.

Members of our time arrived little by little.

O'Donnell had time to talk to these constituents ..

Seven people came altogether to speak with the Assemblyman.

Front Band Nyght Rider

As the band was setting up, I walked up to the Assemblyman,

I announced to him that I wanted to get some answers about the votes he had cast, including SB 1146.

He just waved me off with "Let's have a great day. Have a great time!"

I spoke with different members of our team as more people gathered for the meet-n-greet.

Then we waited in line.

O'Donnell's staffers were standing around him.

The Assemblyman took an inordinate amount of time talking with certain people.

Janice Montgomery had had enough. She walked passed the staffers and spoke to him directly.

He just waved he off with the same comments he had given to me at the beginning of the event.

California MassResistance refused to let O'Donnell get away with blowing us off.

We followed him calmly but persistently. His staffers insisted on walking behind him and around him.

Mark and Alice Hansen

Mark Hansen and his wife Alice made reservations!

Scott Carter

So did Scott Carter of San Pedro.

Janet West

Janet West of Long Beach wanted to speak with him, too!


If these elected officials won't stand up to their constituents and explain their votes, then they shouldn't run for office in the first place!

You have to watch the video, you have to see it to believe it.

Rough-and-tumble Patrick O'Donnell ran away from six constituents who wanted answers!

Check out a few more photos of Assemblyman O'Donnell speaking to other constituents at the park:

Hi, I'm your assemblyman. 

He was happy to talk to them
Members of California MassResistance waited in line to speak with him.

I asked Jesse, the guy dressed in black, when we could speak with the assemblyman. He said that he was not sure.
California MassResistance waits in line


Of course, when it was our turn, Janice Montgomery walked right up to him and demand to speak with him about the terrible votes he had cast.

Right away he bolted, trying to get away from us!

Rude Assemblyman Patrick O'Donnell

Run, Patrick, Run!

There he goes, ignoring us!

"Tell me what's on your mind"

He was more than happy to talk to everyone else!

Wow, he sure looks uncomfortable!

If he simply told us why he had voted the way that he did, California MassResistance would have left.

We decided to get some shots with the assemblyman, even though he refused to talk to us:

Janet: "We waited fifteen minutes to speak with O'Donnell!

Final Reflection

Patrick O'Donnell was in no mood to talk to constituents unhappy with his bad votes.
He casts terrible votes, even when hundreds if not thousands of constituents called his office and spoke with his staffers to vote against SB 1146!

Here as some of the photos from California MassResistance's meeting with O'Donnell's staff in Long Beach on July 22:

We also met with his staffers:

Politicians like O'Donnell have no business being in office.

He is an arrogant pol with no regard for the people he claims to represent.

He throws a little party in the park for Long Beach residents, but at the same time he is taking their rights away vote by vote.

This cannot stand. No one should tolerate this!

Call Assemblyman O'Donnell's office, and demand that he stop treating his constituents with such arrogant disdain!

Capitol Office:

State Capitol

P.O. Box 942849

Room 4166

Sacramento, CA 94249-0070

Tel: (916) 319-2070

Fax: (916) 319-2170

Long Beach Office:

5000 E. Spring Street,

Suite 550

Long Beach CA 90815

Tel: (562) 429-0470

Fax: (562) 429-7871

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