Saturday, September 10, 2016

AFSCME Union Members Despise Hillary, Will Vote for Trump

Labor unions are starting to rethink their ties to the Democratic Party. Employees are not just challenging unions in and of themselves but the leadership is starting to wonder what course to plot from this point forward after eight years of job-crushing, economy killing regulations, taxes, and spending sprees from Washington, too.

Public sector unions are a particular bane, forcing the hand of locally elected officials or handpicking them to fit in with their narrow agenda. Entire cites are going bankrupt, and states may face a similar fate unless they tame public sector union entitlements and control pension and benefit costs.

What else is going on with unions during this tumultuous election cycle?

Members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees are rethinking their lock-step Democratic allegiance, or are repudiating Hillary Clinton entirely to vote for Donald Trump!

Check out these comments on Facebook:

Sorry my union brothers and sisters, I know union people don't normally vote for Republicans, Clinton is a liar a thief, and she insists on bringing thousands of those Muslim refugees to America, I cannot abide that those people are nothing but trouble, we have to take care of our veterans and unemployed before those ... CHARITYBEGINS AT HOME......I am retired also, voted Democrat all my life, I cannot bring myself to vote for that woman... so Trump it is.....


When hard-core union Democrats are publishing "Hill No!" on Facebook pages, you know her chances are faltering.

Another person then commented:

There are other options George. I'm not voting for either of them. Neither of them earned my vote.

Another public employee not pulling the lever for Hillary Clinton.

She must be worried by now about the union vote slipping away from her.

Trump campaigners do not need those votes to go Trump necessarily. If those voters throw their vote on Jill Stein, the results still drag down Clinton.

This union member had particularly biting criticism for Hillary Clinton:

Lol....of course she does. Another corporate politician continuing the decimation of our middle class by the oligarchy. LOL

They do not like her. They do not trust her. They see her as a big shill for Big Business.

Some members are particularly incensed by her immigration policy, caring for refugees and illegal aliens while ignoring our veterans and our growing homeless population.

I do not hate unions or the environment. I do believe that Mr. Trump is the best shot we have at saving America. I am very concerned with the plight of our vets, illegal immigration our rights such as the second amendment, and refugees.... especially when we have no idea what or who they are or anything. It is time Americans were put first. I am an independent and a Trump supporter.

An independent pro-union voter for Trump!

More vitriol against Hillary Clinton:

Hillary still supports the TPP as her actions on the DNC platform committee via her appointees prove. The TPP will destroy more union jobs than NAFTA ever did. This election is a farce as is my union's support of her from the get go.


Final Reflection

Union people are more than the unions they have joined

Union leaders have sold out their members, just as other political elites make choices to benefit themselves at the expense of those people whom they claim to represent.

Labor unions are starting to realize that the policies they have agitated for are hurting the businesses which employ them. Today, labor unions are pushing for amnesty, when more unskilled labor will compete with entry level workers. Skilled laborers from other countries also compete and drive down wages.

What are the labor leaders thinking?!

Hillary Clinton is no friend of labor unions. Bernie Sanders sewed up all the support from employee syndicates early. He led rallies in San Pedro, California, surrounded by longshoremen laborers and union members.

Hillary Clinton is sold out to Wall Street, a globalist puppet who will do what her masters tell her to.

It is shocking and relieving to see life-long Democrats decide that they have had enough and will vote for a Republican, someone who understands how business and the economy really work.

Union members don't trust Hillary.

They don't like Hillary.

Therefore, they are not voting for Hillary.

The good news just keeps pouring in!

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