Wednesday, September 14, 2016

More YUGE News: Trump Pumping Up in the Polls

The news just gets YUGer and YUGer.

I must confess, one of the reasons I was getting warmer to supporting Trump was that he was polling so well in  ... Pennsylvania!

That working class, Rust Belt state is just what the Republican Party needs to start winning wider swaths of voters again.

Republicans care about secure families as well as secure borders. This message should resonate with everyone in the Keystone State. And yet election after election, Pennsylvania falls into Democratic hands. The residents of the Commonwealth need to wake up and recognize that the Democratic Party of the 1980s has sold out to communistic elitist elements.

The Democratic Party of today has lost all respect and caring for working people. They have caved to the globalists and have rejected the hearth and home of local communities.

Donald Trump connects with these voters, these families.

And he should have a good chance of winning more states in the Rust Belt, including Michigan and Wisconsin.

In fact some of the good news that I read today shows Trump now ahead in Ohio by five points!

Five is the cushion that every Republican should hope for, Voter fraud or last minute dust-ups can shake an otherwise solid lead.

Trump is ahead of Hillary Clinton by five points! The US Senate candidate, incumbent Rob Portman, is trouncing former Democratic Governor Ted Strickland by TWENTY points.

This is YUGE! Portman is making Ohio Great Again, and so will Donald Trump.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is already rethinking their strategy and delaying campaign funds to the Buckeye State.

The Buckeye State is the Bulls-eye for Republicans in every election. A Republican Presidential candidate sweeps this and the other Rust Belt states, and he has won the election.

Speaking of sweeping states ...

Trump is now ahead in Sunshiny Florida, another must-win. The latest polls show Trump gaining an nice incremental again. Previous polls have shown Hillary right on the edge, but still winning (only within the margin of error).

Marco Rubio is a strong and welcome voter draw in that state, too, since he is running for re-election. Keep in mind that Trump has barely invested any time in that state, and he is just about overcome the polling gap with the Democratic nominee.

Imagine how Trump will do in Florida once he starts investing major time and resources there!

In Iowa, were US Senator Chuck Grassley is working hard and showing himself very strong, Trump is gaining a stronger advantage. The Republican registration now overlaps the Democratic numbers. The state is staying solidly in the Trump camp.

North Carolina is coming back to Trump, as well. Richard Burr has campaigned on solid issues which should hold at bay disruptive concerns to distract voters from key concerns. The jury is still out on Wisconsin and Michigan. Trump just paid a key visit to Flint, to commiserate and connect with the residents outraged by the long-time Democratic incompetence which has ruined the city's water supply.

Other unique developments ... Maine is starting to tilt toward the Trump column, too? Two states rely on Congressional representation for the Electoral college, which means that candidates who win the majority vote in each Congressional district win one electoral vote, and the candidate who wins the statewide popular vote wins two electoral votes (for the US Senators).

Trump is topping out in ME-2, represented by Bruce Poliquin, and with a plurality victory in the other district, the Donald could score three electoral votes right there!

The map is getting better and better for Trump, while Clinton is watching more swing states swing away from her sphere of influence. Other reports even suggest that Colorado is starting to tilt back to Republican hands

Looking over the latest map on, if Trump maintains his leads in those key states, and flips Nevada, he wins the election.

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