Thursday, September 29, 2016

Al Muratsuchi's Trumped Up Attacks Against Hadley

John Kaji, local Japanese community leader and businessman, is not letting Al Muratsuchi get away with lies, hatred, and deceit toward Torrance voters.

Here are some of his comments published in the latest edition of Rafu Shimpo:

Al Muratsuchi and the Politics of Fear

When Al Muratsuchi announced his “California Comeback” campaign to re-take the Assembly seat lost to Republican David Hadley in 2014, those of us who live in the 66th Assembly District asked, “Why?”

Why indeed?

The voters threw out a life-long politico for a private citizen who wanted to make the state of California better for everyone.

Hadley has succeeded very well at accomplish this task.

So Al’s campaign against David Hadley centers on...Donald Trump? Strange. The voters will have an opportunity to check a box under “President of the United States.”

Why is Muratsuchi obsessed with Trump? He is desperate to talk about a strawman rather than debate serious issues. Al accomplished next to nothing in the state legislature. He voted along with the tax-and-spend supermajority to hurt individual taxpayers, local schools, and small businesses.

Al did whatever the liberal regressives told him to. He did not stand up for the South Bay. He caved on a number of destructive policies, including the "transgender" bathroom bill on public schools, forcing up the minimum wage, and dismantling Proposition 13.

Who wants Al back in Sacramento? Really?

Instead, the voters will once again decide which candidate can best represent the interests of the constituents. Maybe Al hopes that by ginning up the Donald Trump fear factor and hoping that he can tar and feather Hadley, he’ll get a pass from the voters.

Al might want to rethink his vocal allegiance to Hillary Clinton, a candidate who is eminently corrupt and incompetent. Why all this talk about a Presidential candidate?

Al's desperation to tie Trump to Hadley, and vice-versa is just plain sad.

Notice how few clicks the "HadleyTrump" video has actually received:

How about this one? 223 views. SAD!

The truth is, they have nothing on David.

His ideological views and his pragmatic style has accomplished a great deal in Sacramento. Al Muratsuchi has nothing but Trump-Up charges of hollow extremism.

For the record, if we want to know more about the extremist element in the South Bay, look no further than Torrance Democratic Club President.

Check out his abusive behavior with these violent protesters at a private event in West Carson:

Here's a more extensive recording which exposes the corrupt, criminal, and abusive behavior of Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow and his regressive posse:

Check out how this black protester treated other people, too:

There's also this gem of a video showing Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow politicizing the removal of a corrupt Torrance City Commissioner:

The Democratic Party in the South Bay have lost all connections with the ground reality of working people in Torrance and throughout the region.

Their abusive behavior cannot go unchallenger.

Al Muratsuchi should stop complaining about Donald Trump and start repudiating the abusive behavior of his fellow Democratic operatives!

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