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Top Ten Reasons Al Muratsuchi Will Lose in 2016

I can't believe it's already 2016.

I had put together this meme in 2015, when I had a (very short-lived) radio show,


But I would have to say, the Top Ten Reasons Why Al Murastsuchi Will Lose in 2016.

I had stopped pounding the would-be contender against David Hadley mid-year.


I was too busy going after crime and corruption in Huntington Park.

David Letterman retired from the Late Show. He know runs around in Indiana with a long beard.

And ...

David Hadley was doing a bang-up good job in the state assembly.

And there was a school board race to pay attention to.

And Republican city councilman Alex Vargas became the mayor of the City of Good Neighbors.

And so on ...

Now, fastforward  year and a half, and let's take at a look at

The Top Ten Reasons Why Al "Union Whore" Muratsuchi will lose in 2016:

1. He lost in 2014

Yes. He lost. A Democratic incumbent was pushed out of office in a purplish-blue district in Los Angeles county.

And incumbency does matter, especially when the incumbent treats other people as though they really matter.

2. He voted to allow boys into girl's bathrooms.

I cannot believe that the media has not taken Muratsuchi down for this.

This vote refers to the "transgender bathroom" bill.

Proponents argued that this legislation solved the legal problems which pressured large districts like Los Angeles Unified.

Has anyone noticed that LA Unified is one of the most wasteful, dysfunction, and corrupt school districts in the state, if not the country?

Why would we want to craft legislation imposing standards and demands on every other district to comply with failing, flailing LAUSD?

By the way ...

Transgenderism is a mental disorder, not a civil right.

David Hadley opposed the bill which Muratsuchi voted for--AB 1266--and so should ever other legislator.

What was this fool thinking? What would his daughter say? What will his wife say if a "Transgender female" walks into the girl's bathroom at his daughter's school and assaults her?

3. He panders to illegal aliens

We do not need legislators who roll out the red carpet for illegals. Al voted to allow them to get driver's licenses. Outrageous!

I have not liked Hadley's stance on this issue every time. He would not repeal this law, and even voted for SB 10!

But at least he has voted against every other bill, including legislation to offer taxpayer subsidized health insurance to illegal aliens.

4. He is a union puppet.

I now employ a more stringent term

Al Muratsuchi is a union WHORE:

Name your price, and he will do whatever Big Labor wants.

More pension money? Done.

More useless boondoggles to enrich labor unions and impoverish taxpayers? Got it!

More protections for pervert teachers? Done.

Public sector unions are particular culprits in the state of California. If anyone needs Right-To-Work, it's the Golden State.

We need our California version of Governor Walker--NOW!

In the meantime, we need more legislators like David Hadley and fewer like, well, union whores!

5. He hurt small businesses with a forced minimum wage hike.

There are no excuses, none, for a legislature to sign off on a force minimum wage.

Prices for goods and services go up.

Employees get fewer hours, or they don't get hired -- or they get laid off.

Hadley spoke against forced wage hikes. He voted against them.

Unfortunately, the Democratic majority forced a $15 wage hike to roll out by 2022.

Will there be any businesses left?

These Democratic frauds are not playing with a full deck. Do they really want to ruin this state so quickly?

6. He did nothing for aerospace.

Honestly, a couple of tax credits means nothing if the state is so hostile to business, infrastructure, and investment.

How about reducing the cost of doing business in the state of California?

Al Muratsuchi really isn't on board for that.

7. He's a liberal Democrat who loves Sacramento and not the South Bay

Now you know what Al is not on board with making California business friendly.

He is very much an ideology, a liberal Democrat who will do what the party bosses tell him to do.

Al making nice with the corrupt John Perez
Former Speaker of the Assembly

Al Muratsuchi does what Sacramento tells him to do

Sacramento politicians are ruining this state, and we need to ruin their chances of getting elected!

8. He lied about Craig Huey to get elected once

Muratsuchi has no moral capacities on this one, He claimed that Craig Huey was a shady business dealer who ripped off clients. Al has no morals, no principles.

He is a liar, and the last thing that we need in the state legislature is another lying Democrat!

9.He has no private sector experience

He needs to get a real job.

He is a government check welfare queen who has done next to nothing for the last two years.

He was licensed to practice criminal law as a state prosecutor, but never did anything.

10. Did I mention he's an out-of-touch Democrat?

Let's hammer that point home as much as possible.

Al Muratsuchi does not have in mind what is best for the South Bay.

He is bought and paid for by special interest, nothing moore.

If you have any other reasons why Al Muratsuchi won't be elected in 2016, please write them in the comment box below.

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