Saturday, September 10, 2016

Crooked Hillary Complains About the "Biased" Media

Hillary Clinton is raving about the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy again.

Every time she lies, cheats, steals, peddles influences, defrauds the federal government, and basically ignores the rule of law, more media outlets expose her. Instead of embracing some semblance of honesty, she blames the press.

But wait!

The press has been promoting Hillary Clinton for President for the past four years.

The New York Times, both newspaper and magazine, have been dreaming about Hillary Clinton, the first woman President--if she wins.

And that is turning into a bigger "If" every day as Trump gains in the polls and  more undecided voters decide that she is the most corrupt person in modern memory to run for President.

Now, she claims that the mainstream media are not doing their job going after Donald Trump for his record, his rhetoric, or some other reason.

Basically, Hillary Clinton believes that the media, the press, the reporters are after her and trying to make her look bad in every way possible.

I want you to reread my comments above and let that sink in.

Of course, your first reaction should be to laugh out loud. There is no other candidate I know, besides Barack Obama, who has received one major boost after another from the press. The Washington Post is trying to get everyone else to leave her alone about the email scandals. They have done nothing to investigate the Clinton Cash connections.


The American People have to rely on private espionage from Julian Assange to get the real story behind Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party, and the rank corruption of the wealthy, leftist political class to crown ueen Hillary

The press is not doing its job. They are not going after Hillary Clinton for all this corruption. They even give her a pass for all the offensive remarks she has made about minorities and toward Donald Trump supporters.

Yet Hillary Clinton's latest fundraising eblast depicts the Democratic nominee as the victim of an aggressive right-wing media frenzy.

Arthur --

The last few days have offered a concrete example of one major problem in this election: the trouble the media has in holding Trump accountable -- on his lies or what we now understand to be clearcut examples of corruption.

The trouble that the media is facing to hold Trump accountable.

Accountable for what? She talks about lies, but what has Trump lied about?

She could have listed examples of these fraudulent statements.

Instead, she talks about her corrupt Clinton Foundation:

Take, for example, the narrative around two foundations.

You've probably heard a lot about the Clinton Foundation in the past month. That's because dedicated teams of reporters from news outlets all over the country have devoted major time and resources to unearthing some examples of wrongdoing in the charity's past. And the grand total of all those investigations? Nothing but confirmation that the foundation does unassailable, lifesaving work in countries across the globe.

Ask the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquakes.
. They don't agree with that view of the foundation.

On the other hand, you have the Trump Foundation. Back in 2013, they donated $25,000 to a committee associated with Pam Bondi’s re-election as Florida attorney general. At the time, Bondi's office was considering whether or not to join a lawsuit against Trump University. But after Bondi received that contribution, her office decided not to join the lawsuit. Bondi subsequently endorsed Trump's bid for president, then spoke at the Republican National Convention -- where she said Hillary Clinton should go to jail. Trump’s foundation also gave $100,000 to Citizens United to sue New York’s attorney general—after he’d started investigating Trump University.

So, two cases of an attorney general receiving a contribution.

But Donald Trump will be testifying about Trump University after the November Election. So it's not as if that story is going nowhere.

This is blockbuster stuff, Arthur -- but months after that story came out, there's been little sustained effort from the press to force Trump to address the charge that he bought off the top law enforcement official in Florida. And in the 59 days we have left in this election, we shouldn't expect such an effort to begin.

Holding Donald Trump accountable? And Hillary Clinton's email scandals are only getting worse. She was supposed to protect classified information on a secure server. Instead, she was looking at information and passing along confidential reconnaissance on a private server.

She also deleted tens of thousands of emails. She has been lying about her intelligence briefings. Her careless incompetence ended up costing the life of one CIA operative.

Plus the four Americans who died in Benghazi.

So holding Trump accountable is on our collective shoulders.

Collective shoulders? There she is, appealing to the socialist mentality again.

Responsibility is not a collective effort, but an individual one.

Where is Hillary Clinton's sense of responsibility for handling classified information, for telling the American public the truth about her health, her lack of a moral compass, and the constant enabling she engaged in as a lawyer and then First Lady for Governor then President Bill Clinton?

We're the team who has to give voters the information they need about the two candidates, and that means we’re going to have to hire enough organizers to blanket the country with volunteers and run ads on television and the internet often enough to make a real impression.

So we need 39 donations in your area to make sure we can reach the voters we’ll need -- will you make one of those donations right now?

Thank you.

Final Reflection

Hillary Clinton was expecting the pro-Hillary media frenzy to carry her over the top to November victory. She was expecting the identity politics of gender to make the difference and district people from her horrid record on foreign and domestic policy, or the fact that she has nothing to offer the American People other than her XX chromosomes.

A new diverse array of reporters, blogs, and media sites are exposed Crooked Hillary and investigating her abuse of power as a First Lady, U.S. Senator, then Secretary of State, and now Presidential candidate.

I cannot wait to see her cave even further.

The fact that she is decrying the "biased" media is a real joke, one exposing the desperation of a campaign that is sinking before the public's eyes, despite all the prodding and promotion of a left-wing vain-scream media looking to write a fitting narrative in line with their marginal preoccupations.

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