Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Trump Headquarters Opens in Long Beach, California

Donald Trump is the Republican Party's Presidential nominee.

I disdained him in August, 2015.

I had little respect for the man, although I liked his outspoken, unfiltered approach to everything.

The Rosie O'Donnell joke was particularly funny.

But I wanted Scott Walker.

Then he dropped out all of a sudden.

I was in touch with a public relations firm which was supporting him at great length.

Then he was gone.

I lingered on for Bobby Jindal, just to enjoy some ideological consistency, although I was pretty sure he wasn't going to make it, since he couldn't raise the money.

Cruz came, and I rolled with him for as long as he lasted. I even made phone calls for Cruz to a nunber of states, including Kansas (where I helped voters get to their caucus locations).

I worked with Cruz' campaign as much as I could, although Trump's crushing victories in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and then Nevada pretty much spelled out a long fight with Trump as the eventual victor.

Indiana, and now I am supporting Donald Trump.

I am willing to support this candidate now, because he supports the Remembrance Project.

He talks about policies which I care about.

He has taken on the left-wing "mainstream" media, and won.

I like that. I also like that Trump is willing to compete in California. He also wants to fight for New York and other states. Some metrics even have him winning at least one electoral vote in Maine!

This is great.

About California, so far Donald Trump has kept his promise.

There I was in Long Beach. Trump opened up his headuarters in Little Cambodia.

This is really exciting!

I invited fellow Trump supporters throughout the Los Angeles County region.

Lots of people were there!

I have to share what fun I had the Trump crowd!

We the People Rising were there in full display!


Mike McGetrick!

Wes Parker!

Etta and her sistahs!

And more of the crew!

Raul Rodriguez!

I was lucky to find a seat.

I was lucky to find a parking spot!

Great Crowd!

Check out the decorations!

Despite what the media report, Trump boasts a wide, impressive coalition of supporters.

Black, Asian, white, Hispanic.

And Indian!

Yes, Hispanics love Trump! They want what every other red-blooded American wants: leadership that is proud of this country and wants the residents to take pride and care for their country, too!

Bill Ward of Long Beach, a veteran and hard-core Republican, lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Rachel Gunter, who helped set up the headquarters and prepare the event, invited me to give the opening prayer.

What an honor!

A Cambodian dance team gave a wonderful performance of blessing, too!

It was great!

Check out the photos!

This is history, people!

A Republican Presidential candidate did not just open up headuarters in California.

He opened up shop in deep blue Los Angeles County.

He opened up his office in Long Beach! This city has not sent a Republican to Congress since 2003! I'm not sure Schwarzenegger even won Long Beach when he ran for re-election in 2006!

I am really excited and hopeful for California and for the country.

I believe that Trump will have long coattails and will help down-ticket candidates even in California!

Here are a few more shots worth remembering from the event:

This man held up the American flag during the pledge of allegiance!

Shirley Husar made it (posing with Jon Cordova of the California for Trump camp)

John Goya, the Treasurer for the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, reminded us why we need to elect Donald Trump!

Jesse Torres, above, is from Cerritos. I connected with him online, and I shared with him about this event! He came!

What a great turnout!

Remember, if you want to help with the Trump campaign, here's the address for the headquarters:

LA County Trump Office
2338 E. Anaheim St. #201-C, 
Long Beach, CA 90804


  1. what are the hours of the Trump Long Beach office?


  2. LA County Trump Headquarters Office
    LA County Trump Office
    2338 E. Anaheim St. #201-C,
    Long Beach, CA 90804