Monday, September 5, 2016

Pro-LGBT Assemblyman and Chief of Staff Throw Pro-Family Blacks Under the Bus

California Assemblyman Reginald Jones-Sawyer (D-South Los Angeles) is yet another Democratic machine politician.

Like State Senator Ricardo Lara, he does the bidding of labor unions, big businesses, and other corrupted, left-wing groups in the tarnished Golden State.

These special interests—not concerned with the best interests of the public—include the LGBT lobby, which has been aggressively pushing its anti-morality, anti-biology, anti-reality agenda onto every California.

Ricardo Lara’s destructive bill SB 1146 now sits on Governor Jerry Brown’s desk, waiting for his signature or his veto, along with hundreds of other destructive bills.

California MassResistance hoping, praying, writing and calling to Governor’s office—and the Christian colleges who folded on the watered-down version of this legislation—to reject and object to this legislation.

To our great joy, California MassResistance and Save California have not been the only active elements in the Golden State fight against this blatant, patent pagan bigotry.

Pastor Marc Little of Faithful Central Church in Inglewood, California joined forces with other pastors and churches. They formed a coalition called the “The Religious Freedom Riders,” boarded charter buses up to the state capital, and confronted their legislators on SB 1146.
In particular, Pastor Marc Little explained plainly his opposition to SB 1146, aka “The Kill Christian College” Bill.

Here is a sample of the letter that the Faithful Central pastor shared with legislators:

SB 1146, in its prior form, disproportionately impacted minority student … I take great exception that no one from the Black Caucus or the Appropriations Committee has spoken out to protect the rights of students where more than 16,000 students, many of whom are black and Hispanic students, rely on Cal Grants  …

I could not agree more with Pastor Marc's outrage. It is offensive and ridiculous that leaders in the black and Hispanic communities said nothing about SB 1146 and its discriminatory impact on all students, including young men and women in minority areas.

Additionally, this is an attempt to choose one group, perceived to be discriminated against, over a 300-year history in the U.S. without any demonstrable evidence of any discrimination. Accordingly, the entire effort is a mockery of fairness and legislative integrity. Private institutions can and do provide information to the state already; a state mandate intended to protect a certain class is an overreach.

Yes, and this "protected class" is a socialized fiction which should not receive special protection in the first place. Equal rights for all, special privileges for NONE!

Being black is not a sin, perversion, or a crime, not does it lead to syndemic health problems.
Homosexual behavior and transgenderism are destructive behaviors. We need to love the sinner, but hate the sin.

Your freedom as legislators to be irreligious, in many cases, and our freedom to exercise our faith is a constitutional right and no legislature will take that right away from us without significant challenge now and in the future.

In response to this respectful yet resolute letter, Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s chief of staff Joey Hill (who identifies as homosexual) left a vile, offensive, bigoted voice mail for Pastor Marc.

Here is the video.

Here is the transcript below:

This message is for  'Pastor' Marc Little ...

I have to emphasize the condescension here.

This chief of staff immediately disdains a man of God who preaches God’s word. What kind of a world do we live in where legislative staffers sneer at pastors? Excuse me, but the Body of Christ comes before the legislative body, and the Word of God defines the words in our law books.

This lack of respect is already troubling.

I don't know how you call yourself a pastor after writing his ridiculously hateful letter.

The language of the Left: describe any rhetoric or argument which does not agree with your views as “hateful.”

And you have the nerve to cite history.

You're just either stupid and ignorant or evil.

Wow! A staffer who cannot control his tongue calls a pastor “stupid” and “evil.”

300 year history? What if I made an analogy to slavery? What's wrong with you?

What is going on here? The analogy between African-Americans, the LGBT agenda, and the Civil Rights movement is beyond offensive. The pastor was right to challenge this comparison.

You want to cite Leviticus? Read your Bible over again, man …

This pastor has read his Bible, and believes what he reads. He practiced love and compassion by speaking the truth to power.

And some love in your f------king heart, you f----ing -------.

One F-bomb after another flowed from the mouth of the hateful chief of staff toward the pastor.
Joey Hill is the face of the Big LGBT Hate machine, and how it’s wreaking havoc in the state of California. Whatever happened to the illiberal “Love Trumps Hate” mantra which left-wing partisans love to chant?

Not much love in Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s office.

This abuse is wrong and just plain outrageous. It took the major media markets a week to expose this offensive, curse-laden rant.

I went with another member of California MassResistance to speak with Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s staff at his office near the USC campus. No one answered the door. Two police officers then showed up to try and intimidate us!

So, Reggie Jones-Sawyer has no respect for black pastors or black constituents. He has sworn to the mainstream media that his chief of staff’s conduct was inappropriate, but has not fired him!
Once again, the LGBT agenda justifies prejudice and bigotry against African-Americans, covers for elected officials sending black people to the back of the bus, or just throwing them under the bus.
It’s time for men and women of faith to stand up to LGBT abuse!

Contact Reggie Jones-Sawyer’s office, and demand that he terminate his unprofessional and abusive chief of staff Joey Hill!

Capitol Office:
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0059
Tel: (916) 319-2059
Fax: (916) 319-2159

District Office:
Administrative Offices West
700 Exposition Park Drive
Los Angeles CA 90037
Tel: (213) 744-2111
Fax: (213) 744-2122

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