Sunday, September 4, 2016

Democratic Chances for Retaking Senate? 55% (Down from 58%)

The Democratic Party is in full damage control mode.

Hillary Clinton is not pulling up the ticket as Democratic insiders had hoped.

She has not given a press conference for nine months.

She has health problems. She can't stand for long periods of time. She has seizures on camera. She looks dazed and confused, or just plain apathetic. She gets tired very easily. Trainers and handlers have to stand by her just in case she falls.

Elizabeth Warren gives the appearance of left-wing integrity (if such a thing exists).

She is rallying the progressive progs to help the Democratic Party take back the United States Senate.

Now she claims that the Democratic Party has a 55% chance!

But wait ... they had a 58% chance before.

The U.S. Senate is slipping out of Democratic hands as we speak

Dear MoveOn member,

I'm one of just 46 women to have ever served in the U.S. Senate. Ever. Since 1789!

I thought we were past judging people by their gender or the color of their skin,

That’s why it’s so exciting that this year, it's strong, smart, experienced women candidates—running in more than half a dozen states—who could take control of the Senate back from the GOP.

Many of these Senate races are neck and neck. That’s the good news.

Yes, that's good news, for the Republicans. She won't talk about Ohio, for example, where Rob Portman is taking the seat with him. Ted Strickland is struggling to raise money, gain traction, or overcome his deficit.

The DSCC is giving up on Strickland. HA!

But more and more Republican mega-donors are shifting their money from the presidential race to Senate races.2 The Koch brothers alone have committed an obscene $750 million to try to keep the GOP in control of the Senate.3

Yes, and that's fine with me. Trump can get $2 billion of free advertising without having to try. His press conference  with the  Mexican President brought in regal reporting, and showed how Presidential he can be.

We can’t beat the Koch brothers' money with TV ads. But we can still win by working for it. Mountains of research show that good old-fashioned grassroots door knocking—especially when it's neighbors talking to neighbors—is the most effective way to turn out voters.4

Yes, the evil Koch Brothers. That's right, Lizzie Lie-a-wath-a. Blame all your troubles on the oil magnates of the Midwest. 

This line of attack is just as stale as the race card. Nobody cares who the Koch Brothers are.

That's why I'm so enthusiastic about MoveOn's smart and targeted plan to hire a network of organizers in key battleground states to mobilize and train volunteers to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors. It's a bold and ambitious plan—and exactly what is needed to help swing Senate races, resoundingly defeat Donald Trump, give Democrats a fighting chance to take back the House, and build the power we need to win progressive change after the election.

Liz Warren is completely out of touch with reality. It is a mathematically impossibility for the Democrats to take back the House of Representatives. Democratic lawmakers are retiring all over the country, especially in media-expensive California. Democrats are going to be spending big money in these markets to retain those seats.

Yes, Republicans are looking at losing seats in key areas. Election 2014 was a wave of a wave, in which Republicans swept into power in otherwise Democratic areas. Republicans gained a GOP trifecta in more states, including Nevada, where a strong contender for U.S. Senate is poised to replace Dirty Democrat Harry Reid.

No, Warren, Democrats are not taking back the U.S. Senate. Stop lying to the members.

MoveOn only has until Tuesday to decide how many organizers to hire—beyond that, there just isn’t enough time to train organizers and get them going. The number of organizers MoveOn can hire will depend on the amount of money MoveOn knows it can count on.

They will find their map for getting the Senate to get smaller by the minute.

Chuck Grassley is kicking butt in the Hawkeye State.

Richard Burr will be fine in North Carolina.

Marco Rubio will keep Florida in Republican hands, too.

Candidates in hotly contested Senate races include Representative Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, a veteran who lost her legs in the Iraq War, who is a tireless advocate for working-class families; Catherine Cortez Masto, who stood up to the big banks and won $1.9 billion for homeowners while fighting foreclosure fraud as Attorney General of Nevada; and Deborah Ross, a civil rights lawyer, college professor, and former North Carolina state legislator.

Deborah Ross is toast. Expect the DSCC to pull ads from the Tar Heel State in two weeks.

As these candidates work their hearts out, Donald Trump is claiming that Hillary Clinton "lacks the mental and physical stamina" to be president—a thinly veiled strategy to suggest that she's weak because she's a woman.5

No, she's weak because she's sick, corrupt, and evil.

Let's join together to make this the year that Democratic women take back the Senate, defeat Donald Trump, AND build the power we need to win on the issues we care about.

How about more Republican women? They think for themselves and serve their constituents. Democrats lawmakers, regardless of their sex, put women in danger.

Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign manager, has argued that if women were stronger, "rape would not exist."

Now she's trying the "legitimate rape" card. Yawn. How about Bubba and his numerous paramours, includings those who resisted his advances and wanted him throw in jail? How many women did Bill Clinton rape or sexually assault, and the wannabe first woman President did nothing about it?

Stephen Bannon, the head of Trump's campaign, was accused of domestic violence.7
Roger Ailes, the former Fox News chairman ousted last month over charges of sexual harassment, is helping Trump prepare for the debates.8

And let’s not forget, Donald Trump calls women "fat pigs" and "disgusting animals” and famously said, "Women, you have to treat them like sh*t."9,10

The women in the Democratic Party are definitely treating their gendered peers like sh*t with these terrible policies putting women out of work, hurting families, and making women and children less safe.

We have the power to overcome that ugliness. We can make 2016 the year we finally elect the first woman president—and women candidates can help win back control of the Senate. And we can set the stage for real success in 2017. But we can only do it together.

We are overcoming the ugliness by Making America Great Again, and we are voting for Donald Trump to make that happen!

The New York Times says we have a 55% chance of taking back the Senate on Election Day.11 I’d call those roll-up-your-sleeves fighting odds, wouldn’t you?

The Democratic Party's chances are dipping. This late in the election cycle, that's not a good sign.

The map should be expanding for the opposition party in the legislative chamber,

Remember, Democrats are losing Ohio. They have seen the Buckeye State slip out of their hands. How could this be? What will this mean for Hillary Clinton's chances of winning that must-win state?

And just think what we can accomplish next year and beyond with a Democratic majority—starting with finally confirming a new Supreme Court justice.

That's a scary proposition, and precisely why reluctant conservatives are voting for Trump, even if they do not trust his stance on key issues. They will not risk allowing Hillary Clinton to appoint corrupt, corrosive illiberals to the highest court in the land, who will strike down every facet of our nation's charter.

There's so much work to be done to level the playing field for middle class families and to give everyone a fair shot to get ahead. I want to work in the Senate alongside future senators like Tammy Duckworth, Catherine Cortez Masto, and Deborah Ross, to name only a few. And I want President Hillary Clinton to have the opportunity for her Supreme Court appointees to be confirmed. Your ongoing support will make this all possible.

Tammy Duckworth is the only candidate in the Democratic slate with a sure chance of winning a U.S. Senate seat.

We will see how the downticket race goes for the rest of the cycle.

Final Reflection

Warren is trying to play up Democratic chances.

Notice that she is not working in tandem with the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, but ...

This activist group tried to recruit Elizabeth Warren to run for President. Of course she will rally with them to win any office possible in the country.

The chances are dimming, however, for Democrats to take the U.S. Senate.

As Hillary's negatives skyrocket, voters will find turned off and tune out. How many Democratic activists will step up to vote for a crooked Wall Street whore?

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