Friday, September 30, 2016

Racist Agitators Connected to Torrance Democratic Club Called Black Conservative: "House N--gga" and "Sellout"

 I have double the respect for minority conservatives and Republicans.

In the state of California, or any liberal enclave overtaken by harsh and unremitting progressives, being a conservative is tough.

It's even tougher if you're a black or Hispanic conservative.

Left-wing agitators and liberal interests will automatically label the person with all kinds of abusive epithets.

It's so painful.

Once again, I have so much respect for black, Hispanic, Asian individuals who stand up to ethnic abuse from the Left for their freedom of speech, conscience, and political thought.

The trashy, disturbing things that I heard from the anti-Joe Arpaio protesters at the September 25th private meeting of the  South Bay Impact Republicans disturbed me beyond belief.

Louise Outland is currently one of the board members for this new chartered group.

She is a well-connected businesswoman who cares about her kids and her country.

And yet, to hear the hatred that was vehemently spewed at her--was just too much.

Check out this video clip:

At the 4:30 minute mark, Louise Outland arrives outside to see what the trespassing protesters are doing:

The protesters continued to chant "Racist go home! Racist, go home!"

I then asked the protesters if Louise was a racist because she was here to meet Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Immediately, one of the protesters insults her:

"She's a house nigga!"

She repeated that shameful epithet.

I cannot believe I heard something so abusive.

And Jimmy Gow was OK with it.

Indeed! Who's the one being racist, I must ask!

Two minutes later, this woman tried to shame Louise Outland a second time:

She shouted at her five times: "You are sad! You are so sad!"

Instead of getting offended or initimidated, Outland stood her ground and laughed off this protester's hate:

"Why Thank! Go Trump! Trump is Number One! Trump Nation!"

The girl dressed in pink tried to race-bait her a second time: "Massa feed you good?"

This kind of rhetoric is the same Jim Crow talk used to disparage black people, as if they were still slaves.

Then the rest of the racist agitators began chanting "Sell out! Sell out! Sell your people out!"

I confronted another protester and shamed her for defaming Louise Outland, a black woman who is not afraid to think for herself.

Final Reflection

A reminder to everyone reading this.

Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club, instigated this criminal protest.

He joined with these abusive protesters, who trespassed on private property.

He stood by and smiled and consented to the racist remarks. He has defended the abusive behavior of the protesters, who stole someone's phone, who pushed other Republicans who were attending the meeting, and who then demonstrated the most uncouth, outrageous behavior toward our guest Sheriff Joe Arpaio:

Such behavior cannot go without accountability!

Racism,, trespassing, assault--such criminal conduct--all under the auspices of Torrance Democratic Club President Jimmy Gow.

Call the Torrance Democratic Club President, and demand that he apologize!

Jimmy Gow
(310) 538-0245

Then contact the Torrance City Council and demand that they remove Jimmy Gow from the Social Services Commission:

Mayor Pat Furey:
Councilwoman Heidi Ashcraft:
Councilman Tim Goodrich:
Councilman Mike Griffiths:
Councilman Milton Herring:
Councilman Geoff Rizzo:
Councilman Kurt Weideman:

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