Friday, September 16, 2016

Media Fail: Misguided Mexican Boy Stands in the Way of Principled Pro-Marriage Populism

I wonder how many of you read the following headline in USA Today (if you can stand to read the liberal mainstream media at all):

If there's one thing that I like about Donald Trump, he has done an exquisite job exposing the corrupting, corrosive left-wing agenda pervasive in the media. Their arrogance, their elitism is finally getting turned on their hands. Their attempt to claim some moral high ground and shame everyone who believes in tradition, read true, values is finally getting the much-needed dressing down they deserve.

What was the USA Today  propagandist (not journalist) above writing about?

First, a little background.

If you are not aware already, the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto wants to pass a law making the destructive redefinition of marriage legal in all the state of Mexico.

He is forcing the gay agenda onto all Mexican citizens, and the vast majority of them are shouting ¡Basta!

Perhaps that's why Peña Nieto eagerly called a press conference with Donald Trump earlier this month: anything to distract from his historically disastrous move to harm his citizens and upend the laws of nature--and his really bad approval ratings.

And yet, instead of featuring the wide swath of Mexican citizens opposed to this destructive agenda (unhealthy, unwise, and immoral), the media wanted to turn an anonymous 12-year old boy into some kind of pro-gay folk hero.

Here is the first description of the photo:

A photo of a 12-year-old boy in the middle of the street trying to block thousands of anti-gay protesters in Celaya, Guanajuato, has gone viral.

Right away, the negative bias begins. The people who support natural marriage are viewed as "anti", when they are actually pro-biology. "Look at the brave little boy standing up to all the Mexican bigots" is the idea that the liberal newscorps want everyone to walk away with.

I say it's time to walk away from these fraudulent press agents.

What we are witnessing in Mexico right now, and across Latin America, is the pro-family movement standing up and shouting ¡Alto! to the destructive, regressive LGBT agenda. They have seen the damage waged by the LGBT lobby in Western Europe and the United States. The venereal diseases, the attacks on natural rights, the limitations on religious liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of inquiry, and exploration for truth.

What the photographers captured, and yet missed, is not a bunch of paisas  trying to stem progress, but godly, blessed, principled populism at its best. They are demonstrating the mature organized response to government tyranny.

Pro-Family Mexicans reject "gay marriage"
Every pro-family group throughout the world should applaud what the Mexican people are doing.
While Western Europe and American Christians were blind-sided by the abusive tidal wave for homosexual marriage, the Latin American countries are rising up and pushing back.

Instead of focusing on the purposeful populism of Christian communities throughout the Mexican nation, the media focused on the boy, whom some reports have indicated was standing up to the crowd because he was tired of  "the hate".

Christians, conservatives, pro-family advocates, anyone who respects and recognizes procreation need to stand up to this bullying, anti-Christian, anti-reality bigotry.

Incredible numbers turn out to stop destruction of marriage

The truth is, that 12-year-old boy is not a hero. He is misguided, probably misinformed and indoctrinated in the local schools, for public schooling in Mexico are dying under the same sclerotic fist of corrupt (and left-wing) teachers unions.

The USA Today propaganda continued:

Over the weekend, thousands of groups protested against same-sex marriage across Mexico after President President Peña Nieto proposed to change the country’s constitution to allow same-sex marriage nationally. Same-sex marriage is allowed in Mexico City, as well as in Coahuila, Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Nayarit, Chihuahua and Sonora. Gay marriage is still illegal in many of Mexico’s 31 states, according to the Guardian.

Let's not forget that The Guardian epitomizes left-wing bias, refusing to identify illegal aliens as illegal, but lumping them in with all other immigrants. Not just biased, but distorted and erroneous. Their take on the culture wars of today should not sway us.

Second of all, not thousands but HUNDREDS of thousand of Mexican citizens have protested against their deeply unpopular President and his heinous same-sex marriage agenda.

Then comes another offensive historical distortion in the article:

The image of one child standing up against nearly 11,000 protesters has captivated viewers. The photograph was taken by journalist Manuel Rodriguez, according to Mexican publication Regeneración. 

Notice right there that the article exposes its petty attempt to dumb down the widespread protests against the destruction of marriage.

"The image recalls, for its elements (an individual of unknown identity facing a much larger force him to defend a cause that considers fair), the famous photograph of "Tank Man" protests Tiananmen Square, China, in 1989," the publication wrote.


I remember that picture from Tiananmen Square. The viewers around the world did not call him "Tank Man"--he was not even in a tank!

He was standing in front of the imperious tank guard of the People's Republic (in name only) of China, and resisting the criminal, terrorist crackdowns on peaceful demonstrators. The Chinese people were fighting for freedom from the oppressive state.

There is NO comparison. NONE!

So what do you know: USA Today  has now denigrated hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens, treating them as the tyrannical oppressors, when in truth the aggressive, regressive LGBT agenda and its enablers (like Nieto) are the government bullies.

The true oppressors, the regressive homosexual lobby, have turned into a globalist fraud masquerading as the next civil rights movement.

But the Mexican people are standing up to it.

And this distortion of history, coupled with the brazen agenda-making in the USA Today, is proof that the Left is losing the argument, and will be left behind.

Let us stand with the Mexican People, not just praising their courage, and demand that President Enrique Peña Nieto back off and respect biology and biblical morality.

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