Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ohio Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate Ted Strickland in the Spam Folder

Lo and Behold.

The spam folder is not the vast left-wing conspiracy which I had feared

I am getting eblasts from two Democratic U.S. Senate challengers, and they are all getting dumped into my junk file on my email, too!

Ted Strickland is toast for Ohio.

Pollsters, pundits, and campaigner are going to have look over what magic Rob Portman relied on to stay above the media fray and win in the Buckeye State.

I do not believe the incumbent senator owes any victories to the Ohio GOP Establishment.

After all, John Kasich has all but dropped off the face of the earth following his visionary run for President, having coughed, sputtered, and choked all the way to Indiana during the GOP primaries.

Strickland in the Spam Folder!

And then there's former Speaker of the House John Boehner, who caved and gave in over and over the Washington Establishment, refusing to fight President Obama on ... anything.

He left the House after a discharge petition. Very sad, indeed.

So, what did Portman do? He raised lots of money, and gathered a surprising number of endorsements from otherwise non-GOP affiliated groups.

More on that later.

For now, let's rest content knowing that one battleground U.S. Senate race is not turning out for the worse for the country.

What has Ted Strickland done wrong?

He cannot run on his record as a former governor.

The Democratic Party must have thought that running a candidate with strong name ID would help their cause. But when the name is attached to a bad record, it's better to run someone with no record at all!

He has made "Todd Akin" comments, like praising the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. OUCH! Shameful.

He has not raised enough money, either. That really hurts.

Here is the email he sent out  (perhaps it's a good thing that it landed in the spam folder):

As you read this, I’m down in the polls.

Just like Elizabeth Warren was at this point in 2012.

But Elizabeth Warren’s movement didn’t panic. And they didn’t give up -- they picked her up, they organized and they sent Elizabeth Warren to the Senate. Just like they did for Barack Obama in 2008. And just like what we’re going to do together in Ohio.

That was 2012, and President Obama's GOTV machine blew everyone away.

Now it's 2016, and the Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party is not even voting for the Democratic front-runner for President.

They are either voting for Jill Stein, Donald Trump, or not voting at all!

In less than 24 hours, we will be exactly two months from Election Day -- it’s a major deadline. And we have a decision to make. Will we show the other side that our grassroots movement can take on their billionaire special interest backers just like Elizabeth Warren’s movement did at this point in 2012? Or will we stand back and let Portman win? The choice is yours.

Ted does not have a grassroots movement to begin with. He has lost whatever grass or roots he was walking on. He is losing fast, and the incumbent running for re-election has demonstrated a better fundraising and social media operation than most.

And he's emails don't end up in people's spam folders.

Millionaires shouldn’t go to the Senate to take care of billionaires. And the 1% shouldn’t be allowed to buy our elections. Together -- let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Now he wants to play the Bernie Sanders card? Too bad that Sanders didn't win the Democratic nomination. Well, he would have won if not for all the DNC cheating!

So, Strickland heads for the Spam folder. Delete!

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