Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dirty Money "Oil" Muratsuchi: Monery Launderer

Al Muratsuchi has taken desperation to an entirely new level.

He has routinely lied about Republicans in the past.

Now he's claiming that the Republican incumbent in the 66th Assembly District, David Hadley, is a criminal launderer part of a vast right-wing conspiracy in the state of California.

The latest attack adds in the mail have insinuated that he has skirted money laundering laws.

The truth has been rolled out many times over the previous two years.

The archane campaign laws seemed to indicate that the central committee could work with other funding groups to raise money for an election bid. The attorneys which the Central Committee worked with suggested as much.

Then the Fair Political Practices Commission cried foul. The Hadley campaign had to return $36,000 out of $40,000 earned.

Hadley decided to run all the money.

This is in sharp contrast to Crooked Aunt Janice, who has pocketed more than $200,000 beyond campaign limits in Los Angeles County.

And speaking of money laundering ...

Al Muratsuchi claims that he is receiving big money from other Democratic Central Committees in the state of California.

But where are they getting their money?

From .. BIG OIL!!

$1.2 million is going into Muratsuchi's coffers from Big Oil, even though he claims that he is pro-green and is taking nothing from special interests like the oil companies.

Does "Oil" Muratsuchi really think that he can full the voters of  the South Bay a second time?

This guy is greasy and grimy.

Instead of cleaning up his own act, he launders money!

Just say no to dirty "Oil" Muratsuchi!

Vote for David Hadley for State Assembly!

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