Friday, July 8, 2022

Torrance City Council Elections 2022: The Lies of Dishonest Jean Adelsman

Here is one more post that I wanted to share. Many people in the city pressed me to show proof that Jean Adelsman, Councilman Aurelio Mattucci's opponent, had lied about him and his term in office.

Well, here you go:


Here's the deal:

Aurelio took donations from a number of business owners and other economic interests in the city.


Because Aurelio is a fiscal conservative who opposes excessive spending and tax hikes. Every business wants that.

And then there's this post:


No, Aurelio did not vote to defund the police. He did not vote to cut funding from the police department. In fact, he followed the recommendations from the chief of police not to fill a select number of positions in order to save the city money and get the general funds back to a healthy reserve again.

So, those are two clear examples of Dishonest Jean's last-minute attacks to take down Councilman Mattucci, and they both failed.

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