Sunday, July 31, 2022

LGBT Granny Groomer Kelly Stuart Panics! (Report Her Twitter Feed!)

Kelly Stuart, aka Spider Karen, aka Granny Groomer, is really panicking now!

She doesn't like the fact that people are exposing her abusive hate.

Now she is trying to supress the truth about the LGBT agenda, because she wants hurting people to be groomed and abused.

This is really shameful stuff. Check out her latest tweet:

Telling the truth is not inciting violence, except if you are a perverted liar and abuser like Kelly Stuart.

Please report her hateful, grooming, anti-child, anti-family, pro-perversion Twitter Feed ASAP! 

Here's more information about her: Click here

Here's the link to her Twitter feed:


By the way, below is the full post that she was trying to suppress, because she wants to normalize abuse and trauma against childern and adults, because Groomers Gonna Groom:


For a long time, I have commented that homosexuality and transgenderism are harmful behaviors and destructive ideologies which prop them up and foist them onto others.

Now is the time to confront the men and women who insist on calling themselves allies of the so-called LGBT community.

And for the the record, even openly gay activist Douglas Murray has admitted that there is no such thing as the "LGBT Community":

So, I need to ask all of you so-called LGBT Allies, why do you hate people who struggle with homosexuality and transgenderism?

Why do you want to normalize behaviors that are not normal, that are borne out of trauma, neglect, abuse, and molestation?

Tell me: if you saw someone on the street who was homeless because of drug addiction, would you give that person more drugs? Would you give that person more potent controlled substances?

If you saw someone on the street, homeless because of mental illness or because they ended up down on their luck, or they were fleeing domestic abuse, would you simply give them a jacket and hope that their life would go well on the street? Of course not! You would want to help these individuals get off the street and get back on their feet!

So, the next question comes up: why are you enabling people who have sexual desire for the same sex, or who think that they should be a sex different from the one they were born with?

Check out these testimonies from homosexuals at a gay bar:

Born Gay Hoax from highblur on Vimeo.

Every single man in the video above acknowledges that they were not "born that way." Why would you enable them to stay in bondage to a lie?

I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard from people who are actively homosexual or who used to be, that they suffered unparalleled abuse as children. Why would you want to normalize trauma? Why would you want to make it easier for people who harmed others to get away with their abuse, by celebrating the consequences of those crimes?

In short, why do you hate gay people? Why do you hate people in bondage to same-sex temptations and sex dysphoria? Why are you so hateful?

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  1. Kelly stuart mentioned me again on twitter accuses Arthur of causing violence when in fact I go after hate groups like blm and antifa every time they show up I fight back to protect myself and others so kelly stuart if u read this you're a POS that supports hate groups like antifa and blm and your a left wing racist and child abuser I'll see you at a future rally I'll look forward to confronting you ya coward keep up the good work Arthur