Saturday, July 9, 2022

LA County Board of Dictators: Stop Attempted Coup Against Sheriff

I received this call to action from a health freedom activist earlier today.

We need to help Sheriff Villaneuva fight the abuse of power from the LA County Board of Supervisors!


We URGENTLY need your help!!! The Board of Supervisors now are planning on a motion to grant themselves impeachment powers over the Sheriff, and the power to appoint a new Sheriff.
THIS IS A VERY CONCERNING CONSOLIDATION OF THEIR POLITICAL POWER!! PLEASE do not let them take away your right to vote. Article II of the California Constitution allows the people to recall and remove elected officials. KEEP THIS POWER WITH THE PEOPLE. The Board should NOT supercede our vote. WE NEED YOUR VOICES!! Please call and email Janice Hahn & Holly Mitchell BY Friday. Her staff will answer the phone and relay your sentiments to Hahn. Barger is against this already. We need Hahn to be on the same page!! Holly Mitchell. 310 680 8601 , 213 974 2222 Janice Hahn: (213)974-4444. Email: (template below) It doesn't matter which district you live in, PLEASE CALL HAHN AND LET HER KNOW YOU ARE ADAMANTLY AGAINST THIS!!! Thank you, Friends of Sheriff Villanueva Sample Email: Dear Supervisor Hahn: I am writing to you in adamant and resolute opposition to the motion by Supervisor Mitchell and Supervisor Solis, "Promoting Accountability and Community Safety through checks and balances of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department." With this attempt to consolidate power, more checks and balances seem to be needed to govern the Board of Supervisors, not the Sheriff. This motion is maddening, usurping my voting rights, and discrediting the people's choice. Checks and balances are already afforded to the people through Article II of the California Constitution, to recall and remove an elected official. And this process does work, hence the successful submission of 717,000 in the process to recall George Gascon. As your constituent, I implore you to vote "NO" on this horrific motion. Sincerely, YOUR NAME

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