Thursday, July 28, 2022

Briana Walker, aka In Minivan Hell, aka Minivan Karen and Her SoCal Hate

Briana Walker, aka Minivan Hell, aka Minivan Karen

Briana Walker, aka @InMinivanHell, is obsessed with me.

Yes, Minivan Karen stalks me on Twitter, and her name is Briana Walker (check here)

Here are some of her tweets:

She posted two videos with my presentation at the church in Long Beach.

And check this out:

I guess she wanted to attend my speech at this event, too: Kind of creepy, to say the least.

Check out her extensive interview with a KUCI reporter here:
She pretends to be nice. She pretends to be kind.

But the truth is that she is a hater.

She shamed a mother who was trying to protect children's health. 

Check out her hateful tweets here:

Here, she writes something mean about people who like black academic Thomas Sowell:

"Pound Papa," really? Does she have a problem with black people or something?

Briana Walker, aka Minivan Karen, has a lot of issues.

Please report her Twitter feed and get her cancelled. She lies about people, she defames others, and she is just all-around not doing good for the community with her spite against people who do not agree with her hateful regressive views.

Twitter Feed:

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  1. Briana walker has called me out multiple times on twitter along with Kelly stuart sky spider and Kelly stuart has challenged me on Facebook I hate these left wing nazi women they should be locked up and not be released they are antifa and blm supporters and both are racist too antifa and blm are hate groups why doesn't police get involved I thought this country was against terrorism I guess its because democrats get let off the hook glad I don't vote democrat